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Weapon Blender

Zero Hour, Episode 4: Wire Cutters

Weapon Blender releases episode 4 of Zero Hour of their annual Rhodesian Revolt series. The next one is up on the 24th to the 26th of June 2016... "The Rhodesian Revolt is (presently) an annual event that happens in Utah. For the next several iterations, we've leased a large portion of land."

Black Friday 2015 By Weapon Blender

Black Friday Sale 2015 is almost upon us and if you don't have an idea on what to get for yourself in terms of airsoft, Weapon Blender got you covered, well... sorta. Just watch the video... "Don't know what to get your kid? Well neither do we--but you should treat yourself to an airsoft gun!"

Weapon Blender: Black Tiger Night Fighting

Some good night action videos compiled by Weapon Blender from the Operation Black Tiger event. All videos were taken without the aid of night vision and mainly relied on the widest possible aperture opening of their DSLR's lens. The effect is actually good even if done under darkness and tracer BBs make it even more interesting to watch.

Weapon Blender "Revolt: Frequency" Overview

Weapon Blender gives us an overview of  "Revolt: Frequency" that will take place on the 6th to the 7th of November 2015... "This is the first event under the 'Revolt' umbrella that doesn’t take place in Rhodesia. For the most part, rules/game mechanics will remain unchanged (we’re tweaking a few things that didn’t work last time. More on that later.)


Rhodesian Revolt 4 Episode 1: Rat King

We're now starting to see the videos taken from the Rhodesian Revolt 4: Zero Hour from Weapon Blender. The first episode is like it's taken from a cop show and it's about the Rat King who controls the drug trade in the area. The Rhodesian Revolt 4 took place last 5-7 June 2015 in Utah.

Also check the Facebook page to read ther AAR of the event.

Weapon Blender: Lancer Tactical MMC By Lonex

Previously seen from one big airsoft retailer, now the Lancer Tactical Multi-Mission Carbine (MMC) made by Lonex is now at Weapon Blender... "The newest gun from Lancer/Lonex is both predictably good (externals) and unexpectedly excellent (internals), at a seriously good price."

Rhodesian Revolt 4: Gear Advice

Here's an advice from Weapon Blender on putting your gear together to survive the event if you will be going to Rhodesian Revolt 4 later this year... "You've been secretly subrscribed to that prepper magazine for the last 3 years--TIME TO PUT ALL THE PAGE-TURNING INTO PRACTICE!"

Click here to know more about Rhodesian Revolt 4 which will take place on the 5th to the 7th of June 2015.

Rhodesian Revolt 4: Zero Hour Trailer

Weapon Blender released the trailer for Rhodesian Revolt: Zero Hour, the annual airsoft event that takes place in Utah and will take place in the first weekend of June this year... "Victory is always tempered with defeat… The 5th Column won. Finally. But then Russia went bankrupt. So the rebellion is back to rationing ammo and salvaging an air force from scraps. Of course, last years’ victory wasn’t just territorial.

Milsim City Grand Opening: Hostages

Weapon Blender has a video online featuring the Grand Opening of Milsim City in Utah recently. The facility is an indoor airsoft arena with 40,000 square foot space. Located in Salt Lake City, this is open to all ages and its open for training purposes and regular CQB battles. If you're interested in booking this place, they allow private games at their facility.

Click here to visit Milsim City.

A Two Minute History Of Weapon Blender

Weapon Blender, the airsoft retail store which releases some the quirky airsoft videos on YouTube, are now in their 8th year of business. With that, they made a 2-minute video to tell you about this history... "Thinking of grabbing your slice of the American dream? Well we can tell you what not to do!"