Secutor Rudis Magna Custom Pistol Review


L'Antre du Dingo scrutinizes the latest in the Rudis airsoft pistol series from Secutor Arms, the micro sight and compensator equipped Rudis Magna Custom. Review is in French with English subtitles to follow... "Let's have a look at the brand new Rudis by Secutor. This time it is the Magna Custom which hits the stores. It is equipped with high sights, a red dot sight and a compensator. Thanks a lot to 020Magazine for sending this gun to me."

Secutor Rudis Magna XII 1911 Blowback Pistol


Airsoft Review en Español reviews another 1911-based C02 blowback pistol from Secutor Arms, the Rudis Magna XII. This usually fires at around 300 fpson 0.20g BBs and the package includes a 26-BB round CO2 magazine and a CO2 capsule can fire around 40 rounds before it needs replacing. It also comes with a threaded muzzle for mounting a suppressor and micro red dot sight.

Secutor Arms Rudis GBB Pistol Test


The Rudis pistols from Secutor Arms have reached the UK and Scoutthedoggie has video footage of these pistols being tested... "When Angelo from Airsoft Action magazine visited Section8 on Sunday 30th April, he brought two new items from a company called Secutor. He had the Rudis III and Rudis IV."

Secutor Rudis & Gladius Series Pistols


Another video from the Gun Gamers when they visited the SKWAirsoft/Zoxna booth during the SHOT Show 2017, and they check out the Secutor Rudis and Gladius Series Pistols... "E House and Andre stopped by the Zoxna booth at SHOT Show 2017 to check out the Secutor brand Rudis and Gladius series of airsoft handguns."

Secutor Enters Airsoft With Rudis Range


Secutor Arms, based in Taiwan, announce in their entry into the airsoft market with their "Rudis Range" of Gas/CO2 Blowback handguns with their VI in Black, III IN Gold, and XI in Silver... "We are SECUTOR, which means “hunter”. Secutors were feared gladiators, experts in hand-to-hand combat, and their sword was the most feared weapon at short distances. Nowadays, this gun takes its place among the warriors who venture into CQB short distances."

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