Speedloading Challenge Fun At Evike.com


Well, if you want variety in speed challenges in airsoft such as shooting or drawing, why not speedloading? Find out who loads a magazine faster in this Speedloading Challenge from Evike.com's Airsoft Fun Time series... "Richard Vs. Matt Vs. Ryan.  Who's the fastest speedloader...loader...er... in the West!?  Check this video to find out!"

Evike.com: BB Weight Guessing Challenge


Another Airsoft Fun Time episode from Evike.com which should be a part of some parlour  or after game fun in any airsoft event, guessing the BB weight... "Does a bottle of BBs weigh 100, 1,000 or 1,000,000 grams!? Three Evike guys duke it out in a battle of guesses to see who can guess the most accurate weight."

Gunpower Digital Target Rifle Challenge


Try and beat Ryan's time by shooting at the Gunpower Digital Target when you visit the Evike.com Superstore in California... "You think you've got what is takes? Then come down to the Evike.com Super Store in Alhambra, CA and try out your time on the all-new GUNPOWER Digital Target System! Are you an Airsoft Field or firearms training facility interested in finding out more information about this highly interactive system? Then check it out here."

APS APM40 130ft Balloon Challenge


APS released a video of their APS APM40 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle shooting at balloon targets 130 feet away. This sniper rifle comes with 6.03 stainless inner barrel with 6 built-in inner barrel stabilizers wit the trigger pull being adjustable. The buttstock is also removable with any hassle with just one button. It also comes with an adjustable hop-up.

Elite Force H8R Revolver Challenge


We get to see the Elite Force H8R CO2 Revolvers in action in this video featuring Diles46 at the Elite Force range. This is now in stock at airsoft retailers and you can order one for US$60.00... "Nigel and Eric go head to head to really see what the H8R Revolver Co2 pistol from Elite Force is made of!"

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