Amoeba Striker 2 With The Wolverine Bolt & Wraith


Warducks Airsoft show a custom Amoeba Striker 2 airsoft sniper rifle that has been customised for HPA power with the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt engine and the Wraith CO2 to HPA system... "This is the Amoeba Striker 2 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle with the Wolverine HPA Bolt and the Wraith CO2 to HpA system. this system is excellently integrated in the stock. this gun and its parts are available at TNT Airsoft. Big thanks to Kryptic for showing us another private collection piece."

Amoeba Striker AS-02 Sniper Rifle Revealed


The second generation of the Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle from Ares Airsoft was unveiled early this week, the Amoeba Striker AS-02... "In 2016, AMOEBA STRIKER AS-01 has been launched to the market, we are glad that it has became a sensation among players.

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