AK & PCC Mag Adapter For C.A.T. AEG Review


Mach Sakai checks out the AK & PCC Mag Adapter For C.A.T. AEG that are available at Airsoft97 in Japan. The C.A.T. series from Arcturus Tactical and Spark Airsoft97 are AR system replicas that use STANAG magazines. The manufacturer announced the ability to use magazines from other platforms, with adapters for PCC and AK magazines available in some Asian stores.

T8 P30 HPA Magazine Adapter For Tokyo Marui MWS GBB


AirsoftNEXT gets to try the T8 P30 HPA Magazine Adapter for Tokyo Marui MWS GBB. This is an HPA adaptor for the Tokyo Marui MWS M4 GBB Rifle. It lets you use HPA instead of gas and regular AEG magazines. It is made of strong aluminum with a hard coating. It works with U.S. and EU HPA setups and is easy to install.

Tapp Airsoft Hi-Capa Shell HPA Adapter


Wyhaq tries the Tapp Airsoft Hi-Capa Shell HPA Adapater if it is the best HPA adapter in the market right now... "This HPA adapter from tapp airsoft is a game changer in the world of airsoft. For me this is the best HPA adapter that I have ever used in airsoft games. This has purpose in both casual play as well as speedsoft and speedqb tournaments. The low profile of this adapter is unmatched when compared to the m4 adapters and mp5 adapters that are currently the most popular hpa magazine adapters.

AMS PP2000 1913 Picatinny Adapter


Qmoer Airsoft Channel talks about the AMS PP2000 1913 Picatinny Adapter that can be mounted on the Modify-Tech PP2K GBB SMG and can already purchased online... "Q Mao this week! Let me tell you about my own brand project 'AMS PP2000 1913 Picatinny Adapter', and I will introduce related products in the back."

Strike M-LOK ARCA Rail Adapter


Available at their online store right now is the Strike M-LOK ARCA Rail Adapter, allowing one to mount M-Lok equipped rifles o be mounted on ARCA Swiss mounts for precision shooting or purposes of zeroing in rifles... "The Strike M-LOK ARCA Rail Adapter enables easy mounting on ARCA Swiss mounts. Angled front corners to reduce snagging during ARCA mount insertion. Securely and conveniently adapter M-LOK to ARCA Swiss. Threaded holes along adapter rail for SI ARCA accessories.

Blowback Masters Hi-Capa Adapter For Odin Sidewinder Speedloader


Wyhaq features the Hi-Capa adapter for Odin Sidewinder speed loader from Blowback Masters to speed up the loading of Hi-Capa gas magazines... "Today, this video is a review on the brand new product from blowback masters: the hicapa adapter for odin sidewinder speed loaders. This speed loader adapter is significantly faster than traditional speed loaders and there is no gaps in magazine. The adapter is compatible with all gas blowback hicapa airsoft pistol replica green gas magazines."

VOC Airsoft On The Poseidon Stormbreaka CNC HPA Adapter


Review and gameplay video by VOC Airsoft featuring tthe Poseidon Stormbreaka CNC HPA adapter... "The Poseidon Stormbreaka adapter is a CNC aluminium HPA adapter which features a variety of colours. This gives you the option of using M4 AEG magazines with your pistols.

It also has the option of swapping between Hi-capa or G-series magazines

You can purchase this adapter from Poseidon directly, or if you are in HK you can check out promo shop."

The Fastest Way To Load Your GBBR Mags


Ollie Talks Airsoft found an adapter for the Odin Sidewinder speedloader to help you load your Gas Blowback Rifle Magazines like the Tokyo Marui AKM and MWS GBBRs... "So this is something that's going to save us all a lot of time and stress looking for the little pistol adaptors to load your GBBR Mags, well don't worry Airsoft Tailoring have you covered."

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03 Oct 2023

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