JV Tactical Action Army AAP-01 Infinite HPA Conversion Kit


Jaeger Precision does an installation of the JV Tactical Action Army AAP-01 Infinite HPA Conversion Kit in this video. According to JV Tactical, its modularity allows it be adapted to different playing styles, such as Speedsoft or Milsim... "I install this awesome but expensive HPA conversion kit for the Action Army AAP-01."

Infinite HPA Conversion Kit For G17/AAP-01/G19/G45 GBB Pistols


JV Tactical demonstrate the Infinite Conversion Kit For G17/AAP-01/G19/G45 GBB Pistols which they say offers several advantages in a single kit for HPA use such as instant loader transition without having to disconnect the air line; end of loader detection (the slide remains blocked at the rear when there are no more balls in your loader); the recoil feel of a GBB; HPAs regulary and performance; modular system; ultra light and has a strong CNC'd loader body; and refined visu

JV Tactical HPA Adapters


L'antre Du Dingo checks out the JV Tactical HPA Adapters. These adapters are made for gas blowback handguns and machine pistols such as the Hi-Capa, Glock, MK23, GTP9, and MP9. The adapters allow one to use the an AEG magazine and powered by HPA.

JV Tactical G18C AEP Custom Accessory


Antre du Dingo Dingchavez features this custom slide for the Glock 18C AEP made by French airsoft parts maker JV Tactical... "Let's have a look at JV Tactical's work. This French entrepreneur loves working on BB-guns. You can buy one of his AEP slides with a 10% discount until February 28th with the code DINGO10. Thanks to him!"

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03 Oct 2023

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