Jeff The Kid's Action Army AAP-01C Gas Blowback Pistol Review


Jeff The Kid takes a shot the compact Action Army AAP-01C Gas Blowback Pistol in this video review and gives some insights on this recent release... "From the first introduction of the Action Army AAP-01 to the present, the AAP-01 can be regarded as the pistol that appeared on my channel most times. And at the beginning of this year, Action Army follows on from the success of AAP-01 and a successor version was launched  --- that is the AAP-01C.

Action Army AAP-01 Disassembly/Reassembly Guide By Jaeger Precision


For new owners of the popular Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback pistol, they can follow this takedownn guide by Jaeger Precision for mainternance and repair purposes... "A guide on how to take apart and put back together the Action Army AAP-01. There is a full guide that will be uploaded to the channel for upgrades, maintenance and modification."

Snake Industries Action Army AAP-01 TAKA KIT


We have seen airsoft players mod their Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol to look like a cordless drill gun. If you want variety, how about modding it as a Nail Gun? Ahjae TV takes a look at the Snake Industries Nail Gun Kit for Action Army AAP01 GBB Pistol Series that does not require any modding to install.

Action Army AAP-01 As Best Beginner/Pro Airsoft Pistol


That's what Captain Airsoft says about the AAP-01 GBB Pistol for beginners to consider whilst veterans are having fun customising it.. "Man, this AAP01 is a game changer. Don't waste your money on expensive guns. buy this and spend money on attachments instead. Trust me."

Everything You Need To Know About The Action Army AAP-01C


Gaosen Kinetics gives everything he knows about thee compact AAP-01C GBB Pistol from Aciomn Army... "This is a full and in-depth overview of the new AAP01c Airsoft pistol from Action Army. The followup to the original extremely popular AAP01 pistol, this version adopts a snub-nose look with a shorter barrel and some new stylings and features throughout.

"Let's Make A Speedy Boi"


Jaeger Precision does some surgery on the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Gas Blowback Pistol to make it a speedy airsoft pistol to shoot with. For owners of the pistol, they better watch carefully if they want to achieve the same performance.... "Lets get this AAP-01 making brrrrrrrr! A10 noises and up the RPM."

Action Army AAP-01 Magazine Extend Grip At Airsoft Atlanta


A foregrip that also serves as a magazine holderr, the Action Army AAP-01 Magazine Extend Grip is in stock at Airsoft Atlanta... "The Action Army AAP-01 Magazine Extend Carrier grip is a new magazine grip from Action Army. Made of high density polymer, the magazine carrier is designed for tight and clean fitment on all Action Army AAP-01 and allow for the portability of an extra normal or extended magazine.

Mach Sakai: Action Army AAP-01C Gas Blowback Pistol


Will the Action Army AAP-01C Gas Blowback Pistol make  champion shooter like Mach Sakai happy? As always, he checks the various features of the compact version of Action Army's famous airsoft pistol, its operation and the customary quick steel challenge at his range.

JV Tactical Action Army AAP-01 Infinite HPA Conversion Kit


Jaeger Precision does an installation of the JV Tactical Action Army AAP-01 Infinite HPA Conversion Kit in this video. According to JV Tactical, its modularity allows it be adapted to different playing styles, such as Speedsoft or Milsim... "I install this awesome but expensive HPA conversion kit for the Action Army AAP-01."

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