Gunfire: Kel-Tec RDB AEG From ARES


Let's hear it from Leszek on what he can say about the Ares Airsoftt Kel-Tec RDB AEG in this Gunfire vide... "In the new episode of the GunfireTV ASG reviews series, we discuss Kel-Tec carbines Airsoft replicas. This American firearms manufacturer is known for its unique designs, which now you can check out too. All thanks to the replicas from Ares, which produced them under the Kel-Tec license.

The Firearm Blog's Kel-Tec Factory Tour


Take a look inside the Kel-Tec factory to take a peek on how they make their firearms in this video tour by The Firearm Blog... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves tours Kel-Tec to find out how the Kel-Tec KSG is made. James takes you through the entire factory, from receiving (where raw materials are accepted) through machining, to assembly, and quality control.

DTW Airsoft On The EMG Ares Kel-Tec RDB 17 AEG


DTW Airsoft gives his thoughts on the EMG Ares Kel-Tec RDB 17 AEG if it is the best airsoft bullpup so far in this video... "This time we are unboxing the EMG / Ares RDB 17 with full Kel-Tec trades. This airsoft bullpup is not only good for woodland but compact enough for cqb games too."

Kel-Tec RDB17 AEG Unboxing, Test & Review


Trifecta Airsoft tests the Kel-Tec RDB17 Bullpup AEG if it is the best airsoft bullpup in the market... "Best Airsoft Bullpup KelTec RDB17 Test and Review Unboxing. We unbox, test, and review this brand new bullpup airsoft rifle by KelTec/EMG/Ares and it's awesome! Special thanks to Todd for letting us test and review it, had a great time."

The Firearm Blog: Kel-Tec P-50 5.7x28mm Pistol


Here is a closer look at the new Kel-Tec P-50 pistol which uses the FN P90 magazine as presented by The Firearm Blog... "In this special #GunFest2021 episode of TFBTV, James Reeves discusses the Kel-Tec P50, a 5.7 caliber pistol/carbine, with Chad Enos of Kel-Tec. James and Chad discuss the features, cost, and release date, as well as the specs of this innovative new platform."

ERA Milsim With The Ares Airsoft Kel-Tec RDB E-AEG


A quick look at the new KelTec RDB E-AEG made by Ares Airsoft in cooperation with EMG. Fully licensed by Kel-Tec, the RDB E-AEG is a bullpup airsoft rifle that comes with fully ambidextrous operation. It has a programmable E.F.C.S. Gearbox, mock adjustable Gas Block, high-quality Nylon Fiber body  with the metal outer barrel, easy Hop Up adjustment, and T-Plug connectors. Package comes with a 130 round midcap and 100 round midcap. Watch the video from from ERA Milsim.

EMG/Kel-Tec Licensed RDB17 Pre-Order At

OptimusPrime are expecting the EMG/Kel-Tec RDB17 AEG in March and are now taking pre-orders... "In the world of bullpup rifle configurations, a very common concern for some users is ambidexterity. How can one hold the rifle, and utilize it to its full potential while avoiding getting hot brass in the face every time a round is fired and extracted? Kel-Tec's entry into the bullpup world is a wonderfully innovative design, with a genuine answer to the question of how brass should eject on a bullpup.

2-Part Review Of The Ares Kel-Tec RDB E-AEG


Uncle of Fury Hsu Ka Wah Alan goes to City Hunter Indoor Airsoft Game Facility to try out the new Ares Kel-Tec RDB E-AEG. This is the latest bullpup AEG from Ares Airsoft that is based on the Kel-Tec weapon desoign and for the first part of the review it is doing a test shoot. The second part is more of a commentary which can be followed by those familiar with Cantonese.

Notice how he's proud with his Pornhub patch?

TFB With The New Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun


Kel-Tec are showcasing their new Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun at the SHOT Show 2019 and before that, The Firearm Blog got their hands on one pre-SHOT Show... "Kel-Tec planned to release its new KS7 shotgun at Shot Show 2019 but leaked information got out about the gun early. Lucky for us, we got an opportunity to show you their newest bullpup pump-action shotgun before anyone else!

MadBull Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Update


Ever since it was announced in the 2012, the MadBull Airsoft/SOCOM Gear announced that a licensed Kel-Tec KSG airsoft shotgun is in the works. Nothing was heard from it until 2014 when RedWolf Airsoft posted something about it. Two years forward, an airsoft KSG will be released, but it will be a version made by Tokyo Marui, as announced by the company last week.

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