Building An Airsoft Warhammer Bolter


If you are under lockdown, why not work on making custom airsoft guns with whatever old or unused airsoft gun you have as base gun? SteamGeezer and Son Independent Traders talk about a custom Airsoft Warhammer Bolter that put together at Badgerworks that should make Warhammer fans in the airsoft community happy to note... "Today at Badgerworks, we conclude the build of our Warhammer 40k boltgun, built from the remains on an old airsoft rifle."

Making An Airsoft Version Of The Warhammer 40K Pistol


Airsoft players who are also fans of Warhammer 40k, they might want to watch this video from Russian YouTube Channel, Arma Tech, on how they made an airsoft version of the pistol... "One of the subscribers approached us and asked to make him a pistol from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Why was this request interesting?

Final Border War 5 Warhammer Video


Mike, the brains behind the famous Border War Series, sent in an update that the final Border War 5 video is now online... "Border War 5 - OP Warhammer organized by the Border War Crew established a few new world MILSIM and Airsoft records. Held in the Czech Republic in the former military area of Ralsko during the last weekend of April hosted 2300 players on spot from 42 countries of the world.

Border War 5 Warhammer Video


Time to open the fridge, take that 6-pack out and make some popcorn as this video of Border War 5 Warhammer is 1 hour and 16 minutes long, which is the first one, and the second one is just a short 14 minute video. These videos are taken by Bavarian Airsoft of the recently concluded big European MilSim event which won the Best Airsoft Event for the Third Airsoft Players' Choice Awards.

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