JAG Airsoft: Beginner's Guide To Filming Airsoft


Any budding airsoft YouTuber can watch this beginners guide from JAG Airsoft, including his camera setup... "In this video I will be talking about all things related to recording Airsoft gameplay. I will be going through my entire camera setup and the little tips and tricks I've learnt whilst filming Airsoft gameplay."

Beginners Guide To Airsoft Episode 3


We always post beginner guides here as they evolve through the years. In episode 3 of Damascus Airsoft's guide for beginners, he talks about loadout... "Welcome back to the Beginners Guide to Airsoft! This video I'm giving all of you an in depth look into my current load-out and why I chose all of my equipment. Hopefully this helps you understand the use case for these different pieces of equipment better and it helps you decide how you want to build your very own custom load-out."

Airsoft Beginners Should Stick To M4s


Cards32 explains why he recommends that airsoft newbies should stick the M4 airsoft guns in this video... "A short little video on why you should stick with an M4 if you are a beginner.  Avoid weird guns like m14's, snipers, lmgs' etc!  Do you know how hard working on an M14 is? fucking hard.

I apologize for the less editing than normal, this weekend will be a hectic one for sure."

Beginner's Guide To AEG 2018 Edition


Airsoft Atlanta released the 2018 Edition of their Beginner's Guide to AEG Basics... "New for 2018, our Airsoft Beginner's Guide to AEG Basics covers how to start airsoft with an electric gun.  We go over topics such as batteries, loading, charging, accessories, etc.  If you're just starting off in airsoft, and want to learn a little bit more on how electric guns function, this is it."

Sniper-AS First Airsoft Game Guide


So you're about to go to your first airsoft game, but what do you need in order to get kitted up and ready on the day itself. Here is Sniper-AS with their recommendations, just turn on the language caption is this in German... "Hey guys, we thought we would shoot a different video today. Not a direct review but a beginner's guide about:  What do I need for my first Airsoft day? Okey right away that's just a possibility.

Beginner's Guide: Airsoft Grenades


Highlander compares two airsoft grenades in episode three of his Airsoft Beginner Tips series. He looks at two gas-operated resusable airsoft impact grenades, one being the Precision Mechanics called Kimera, and the other one is the more colourful Storm360 from Action Sport Games (ASG). Both are made in Europe.

Beginner's Guide To Radios Episode 3


It's the third episode of the Beginners Guide to radios in airsoft by The BB Warrior. He continues explaining the use of the radios with the most ubiquitous radio handsets in the airsoft field, the Baofeng radios. In this case, he tackles the Baofeng UV-5R and UV5-R Gen 3 radios that are available on Amazon and also on eBay.

Beginner's Guide To Radios Episode 2


The BB Warrior with the second episode of his Beginner's Guide To Radios in Airsoft. He goes over the use of the affordable and programmable Baofeng Radios which you can order just about anywhere and are ubiquitous on the airsoft field around the world... "Today we'll be continuing the Radios in Airsoft series with episode two."

Pro Airsoft Supplies: Airsoft Beginners Guide


Just new to airsoft? Here is a video from Pro Airsoft Supplies to help get you started... "Watch this beginners guide to Airsoft with Griff from Pro Airsoft Supplies. Ever wondered how to start Airsoft? You can join in on the @ProAirsoftUK events. Just follow the link to our website and follow is on Twitter & Instagram for news on upcoming events."

Airsoft Beginners Guide Episode 1


Combative Airsoft posted their episode 1 on their Beginners Guide, which is the Airsoft Basics: Guns and Gear... "Sorry for the sub-par cuts and edits..I didn't have access to my usual editing equipment for this video, but not to worry as I will have it back soon! Let me know if you enjoyed the video and check back soon for more!"

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