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Airsoft Innovations From The Philippines

Philippine Airsoft

While on our month-long visit to the Philippines, we were amazed by the proliferation of custom airsoft guns that were mainly done by the airsoft players themselves. Some AEGs have been well-maintained for several years now, and many classic airsoft guns (pre-Marui AEGs) are still in the cupboards of those who started playing in the mid-1980s. What is even more surprising is the ingenuity of some airsoft players at improving AEGs which should be marketed overseas but restricted by existing laws on airsoft/toy guns.

With the approval of the IRR by the Philippine National Police (PNP), some Filipino airsoft gunsmiths are afforded the opportunity to offer their services overseas. While EdGi is already known by his tightbore barrels amomg airsoft players worldwide (this is allowed as it's not a fully-built airsoft gun), Rey Navasca, owner of XRL Workx, is looking into providing custom AEGs, as he has products such as rebar cutters, custom flash hiders, and these are popular among local airsoft players. But two of his innovations are worth looking into when we took time to visit his shop and took some videos of these (apologies, all conversations in the videos are in Filipino):

1. M4 Recoil Technology

XRL Workx has announced that they will be releasing 30 units of custom M4s for the month of February (for local players only). Only few units are available given the capacity of his shop and number of people.  We have tested first hand his recoil technology, and we can say that it does give you a "realistic feel" when playing airsoft.


2. Hybrid Gas and Electric Powered AK-47

Also, for those who want a two-in-one package, XRL Workx offers a hybrid custom AK-47 which is powered either by Electric, or Gas (CO2).  This is a welcome development, especially for those who want the feel of  "Classic" airsoft and ability to switch to batteries when the tank runs out of its contents.

Overseas buyers may need to wait a little bit more to order from XRL Workx until the permit to export has been approved by the PNP.  Rey is looking into licensing his innovations to interested airsoft manufacturers and may just put up a website one of these days to showcase his products and services. Those who are interested can contact us at [email protected]  to know more about the technology.


BILIBAKOSAPINOY. Proud of you Guys...

Hope the initial 30 guns will be a success.

As Sir Tulisan says: PATENT IT. (we know you did anyway,just in case).  Establish the ownership well....

Gas Hydrid

Kudos to Rey Lasing for these new innovations!!!

While I admire the recoil mechanism, looking at the gas Hydird demo
vids and relating it to the write ups....Re: "...and ability to switch to batteries when the tank runs out of its contents"...I can't help to wonder if indeed the hydrid can shoot BBs EITHER with Battery and GAS source??? Can anyone in the vid or popularairsoft clarify please. While we have  a Gas Hydrid innovation in Cebu City, Philippines since 2 years back, it's always compensated by both battery and Gas to propel the BBs.....Dry Firing, Yes!


Best regards,


Get a Patent

WELL DONE!  Do you need a distributor here in Califonia? Contact me.  I want one!

holy c**p!

i'd buy that in a heartbeat! WHAT MONEY? ???

M4 Recoil Technology

hey bro, this is fantastic, XLR Workx really cool, i would rather make your own work pattented asap for you to be recognaized by airsoft world.. saludo ako sayo SIR.. mabuhay


Just friggin` amazing. I wanna have my hands on one of those M4s. 

proud to be flip

kudos to rey. and to popular airsoft for highlighting one of the many airsoft innovations we flips have done. this certainly makes me proud to be a flip ersopter.