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Social media does one thing well --- connecting people online. You need to follow the guidelines and rules, which tend to change depending on the state of the world. We, the airsoft community, are just a small part of that world. We must use what is available and use it the best way possible so we can spread our message.

In 2009 the first Belgian event planning website Skirm.be, where I was a part of, saw the light of day. Facebook wasn’t what it is today, options were limited, and we had to create something ourselves. While Facebook kept growing and changing rules, so did we as a community. Forums were the backbone of our community, we had our own place to talk, share and find information. Slowly those forums stopped being maintained and lost all traction. Treasures of information still wander around somewhere on the web to be lost forever when the server goes down.

2014 comes around, Facebook has grown and it’s easy to find someone, almost everyone is on it. Companies have their page on it, you can find groups for every type of airsoft or country. Tons and tons of information has been shared on those pages but finding that information in a structured way is insanely hard. There is no structure, no database to search in. At the same time Skirm.be had reached its limit and needed a successor, but not only that, it needed more. Something that Facebook couldn’t give us, structure.

We, with Airsoft United, weren’t the only ones with this view. More and more platforms started to popup that united events, teams, players and sometimes a lot more, into an independent platform, away from the big ones like Facebook and google.

Providing a player driven database, with information coming in from players, organisers, shops, and manufacturer, we created a platform that when you needed information, you could find it. The link with social media platforms was there, you could find your favourite brands Facebook or Instagram page if you wanted to check that out. You could find events, bundled into one platform, linked to multiple platforms. We created structure.

Today, 2024, independence is needed more than ever. In 2009 we could still hope that we could share our airsoft posts on social media, today, we can hope that our page, our pictures, our account is not going to be banned, flagged, or deleted for not following the ever changing rules of the platform of choice.

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By merging 2 airsoft specific platforms into one, Airsoft United and Airsofter World. We’re creating the best platform for airsoft possible. The structured database of Airsoft United with the Social aspect of Airsofter World. A place where you can share your airsoft information, connect with fellow airsofters around the world. But also, can find updated information about events, locations, shops, and manufacturers.

If it’s, one thing we learned about big social media platforms is that you’re not in control. They control what you see, what you do and, in some cases, how you feel. With one click, well not even that anymore when AI is doing the screening, your hard work, your information, your passion is deleted to never be seen again. We need to have that control, especially in our airsoft community where rules and regulations are not always on our side and it’s easier to get rid of us than give us a place in society. There is no reason for Facebook or Instagram to put energy in us to keep us happy and on their platform. We’re too small for that. Which we are, divided into small little airsoft bubbles around the world.

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Airsofter World provides a platform for airsofters to share their passion and find the needed information but it’s also working behind the scenes to bring the communities closer and start communication and work together to create a place that is here to stay and grow.

Airsofter World provides the platform to be able to do just that, but it’s up to you, the player, the organiser, the shop, the content creator, the manufacturer, and any other airsoft enthusiasts to start sharing airsoft content and use Airsofter World. Only by doing this together will we be able to create this treasure of information that will grow and sustain our airsoft community. 


About the author: Robrecht "Verage" Verhaeghe has been playing Airsoft since 2006 and is the founder of Airsofter World. Making videos, helping people, and building a community is his passion.

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