American Airsofters Make Final Appeal To Oppose Upcoming Regulation That Will Affect Airsoft


US Airsofters CPSC-2023-0021 Appeal

The main topic in the U.S. airsoft community is a regulatory change in the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) proposed Direct Final Rule in Docket No. CPSC-2023-0021. As posted here three days ago, this will require certification by an independent certification entity of airsoft guns, foam-blasters and gel ball blasters, before they are allowed for commercial sale and use in the U.S.A.

With a deadline for submission of comments to the CPSC on Monday, the 12th of June, if this gets approved, it will immediately take effect on the 26th of June, leaving no time for the affected industries  and for owner at all for certification. Once it takes effect, according to the interpretation by the industries affected it leaves airsoft guns, foam-blasters and gel ball blasters in the market with no certification, making them illegal overnight since there is no organization assigned to do this. If there is a an organization to do it, there is just less than two weeks to June 26, which is a small window given the documentation that will need to be prepared and submitted by the industry and also the time for the certifying authority to review and approve submitted products.

Thus, there is a big push by the U.S.-based airsofters, especially the airsoft influencers on social media to rally the community to submit their comments by the deadline. If you are a resident of the U.S. and very much concerned by this, then you should submit your comments.

Here are some of the videos we found on YouTube of airsofters explaining the issue and making calls to action to submit comments to the CPSC.  The U.S. airsoft community will be busy this weekend explaining and commenting from their homes and airsoft game fields.

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