Fallout TV Show's Tranquilizer Gun Mod Quickly Added To Fallout 4

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Fallout TV Series Dart Gun

We are having a blast watching the Fallout television series on Amazon Prime which has brought a fresh addition to its universe—a stylish, silver-plated tranquilizer dart gun. This new weapon, brandished by the character Lucy, stands out with its elegant design and practicality, despite not being featured in the original game series.

The dart gun quickly became a fan favourite and according to VG427, catching the attention of Neeher, a renowned modder. Known for their contributions to the Fallout: London project, Neeher seized the chance to integrate this iconic TV show element into Fallout 4's gameplay.

Fallout Dart Gun Neeher Mod

Dubbed the "Select Blaster," Neeher's mod is a faithful recreation of the TV series' tranquilizer pistol. Made available in April for both PC and Xbox enthusiasts, it invites players to immerse themselves in a slice of the television narrative within their beloved game.

The mod's conception was sparked by a Vanity Fair feature on the Fallout TV series. Neeher meticulously engineered the weapon to mirror the syringer in Fallout 4, yet with a more refined and visually appealing design.

Fallout Dart Gun Neeher Mod 02

The allure of the Select Blaster mod is its adaptability. Gamers have the liberty to employ it as a tranquilizer, akin to its TV counterpart, or repurpose it as a syringer or energy weapon to match their gaming style. This versatility introduces an additional strategic dimension and personalization opportunities for players.

Acquiring the Select Blaster in the game is effortlessly integrated. Adventurers can locate the weapon encased within the Overseer's office in Vault 114, making it feel like an organic component of the Fallout 4 universe.

Once in possession of the Select Blaster, players can customize it at any chem bench scattered across the wasteland. This feature enables them to tweak and improve the weapon's capabilities, tailoring it to their unique gaming tactics.

The introduction of the Select Blaster mod coincides perfectly with Bethesda's announcement of an impending free update for Fallout 4. Scheduled for later this month, the update is set to elevate the gaming experience, presenting an opportune moment for players to re-engage with the game and explore this novel mod.

The rapid integration of the TV show's dart gun into the game shows the Fallout community's passion and agility. It underscores the impact of fan-generated content in enhancing the gaming world, forging connections across different media. We won't mind if these guns in video games find their way into airsoft.

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