G&G Armament's Show Yourself 2024 Is Back With More Cash Prizes


G&G Armament Show Yourself 2024

G&G Armament is thrilled to announce the comeback of the Show Yourself 2024 photo contest. This year, the stakes are higher with a prize pool of $10,400 USD and a grand prize of $4,000 USD.

Airsoft enthusiasts of every level are invited to participate in this year's competition. It's an opportunity for both seasoned players and newcomers to display their Airsoft passion and photographic talent, capturing the spirit of the game and the fellowship among players.

The contest celebrates creativity and narrative. Photos can depict anything from a dynamic battle scene, a clever tactical play, or a fun moment among team members. Each entry holds the possibility of victory.

For the gun variant categories, submissions must focus on the specified gun series. Entries featuring other brands or types of Airsoft Guns are not permitted. Participants must submit a minimum of 10 photos per category.

Contestants should carefully read the contest's terms and conditions before entering. All entries must adhere to G&G Armament's rules and not violate any third-party rights. The limit is 50 photos per individual or team.

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By submitting an entry, participants grant G&G Armament the rights to own and use the photos commercially. The company may disqualify any entry that fails to meet their standards or breaches local laws. Winners from countries with Airsoft bans will regrettably lose their prizes.

All photos must be original and not previously entered in any contest. Contestants must affirm their full rights to the photos, including any associated audio. Participants agree to forgo any claims for damages or losses related to the contest or prize distribution. Prizes will be given post-tax deductions.

Participants are encouraged to capture their most memorable and amusing moments in Airsoft. Every photo tells a tale of skill, resolve, and excitement. This is a chance to make your mark in Airsoft history.

If interested in winning some serious money, prepare your gear, take up your camera, and express your Airsoft enthusiasm. Visit G&G Armament's website for further information and to enter the Show Yourself 2024 contest.

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