IWI Introduces The GAL VPS Riot Control Protective Suit



You might be wondering why we’re featuring an anti-riot suit this week, and we don’t blame you for such. What we like about this new anti-riot suit from IWI is that it looks like it is inspired by one of those online first-person shooter games and to be honest, it actually looks tacticool.

The IWI GAL Versatile Protective Suit (VPS) was on display during the recent Milipol Paris 2021 that took place last month. Made for Law Enforcement in need of better anti-riot and crowd control gear, the GAL VPS gives all around protection in a lighter package. Just remember that protective padding can be cumbersome and the lighter weight of the GAL VPS eases the burden of the police officer who might be carrying a riot shield and non-lethal weapons that already add weight to the full loadout.

The protective paddings designed to absorb the shock of blunt force when projectiles and other weapons that rioters might use against the anti-riot police are prominent along the extremities as well as the center of mass of the body. The GAL VPS weighs just 4.4 kg at W2 and 5.9kg at W4 making it a light protective suit. Its unique design allows it to be worn by small to large users. The system can made to meet customer and is also covered with an anti-abrasion material as standard, or with flame retardant material.

Interested organizations can contact IWI for more information. Below is information taken from the product brochure:


Civil disorder, characterized by extremists violently demonstrating against the government, is often a show of disagreement and frustration towards authorities. It usually involves vandalism and property damage, and while some citizens attempt a peaceful protest, others may become violent.

Once this happens, a legal demonstration can quickly escalate into an uncontrollable riot. When mishandled, such chaotic situations may lead to property damage, civilian casualties, and government reputation loss.

While using just offensive and defensive measures, law enforcement agencies might calm down the situation for a short period. However, only a well-structured methodology of proper use of law enforcement techniques, procedures, and products will ensure order and reestablish the confidence to their citizens.

The complete IWI GAL VPS Versatile Protective Suit provides 360° total protection for law enforcement officers. It is the first three level-Concealed Mode, Search & Arrest, and Riot Mode-operational solution designed for the user’s safety in extremely dangerous situations. The GAL VPS, equipped with IWI’s unique Wave system, absorbs massive kinetic trauma.

The proprietary GAL system utilizes the suit’s materials to mitigate the kinetic energy from blunt force trauma by absorbing and deflecting the effects across a broader area causing it to dissipate faster. The flexible, light-weight material, protects from injury and allows the user to respond to threats quicker after being attacked.


The patented GAL system is designed around the concept of utilizing a combination of specialized materials to absorb and redirect the kinetic energy from a direct impact. The double layers of wave-shaped O-foam are cross-linked and laminated with polyethylene to an extruded sheet of solid HDPE. The suits components are then covered with abrasion resistant Cordura 1000 which is abrasion resistant. Fire-resistant materials can be added per customer requirement.

Combining the GAL system riot control suit with Bullet-Proof and Anti-Stab 360° protection along with the ultralight bullet-proof helmet provides the operator full tactical capability. The highly technical design combined with state-of-the art materials results in an easy to wear riot control suit that protects the user from most forms of assault.


The suits are available in three configurations or the components can be purchased individually:

  1. The Concealed suit is worn under outer clothing and includes the Anti-Stab / Bullet-proof vest.
  2. The active Search and Arrest suit, worn over the uniform, includes tactical vest with Bullet-proof and Anti-Stub 360° plates and ultralight Bullet-proof helmet.
  3. The full-on Riot suit is worn over the uniform. It includes riot control vest, anti-trauma components for arms and legs. Bullet-proof and Anti-Stub 360° plates and ultralight bullet-proof helmet


Crowd control is a dynamic fluid scenario that can explode into a violent riot on a moment’s notice placing law enforcement officers and prison guards at risk. The GAL VPS riot control suit, with its 360° coverage, protects the user from blunt force trauma, stab-wounds, and the torso vest protects from bullet wounds. The 360° bulletproof torso vest protects from stab-wounds as well. Fireresistant materials can be added depending on the user’s specific needs.

Protect your officers and give them the edge as they perform their duties.

"In the past year, we have witnessed the growing need for a professional personal protection system that provides a solution for security forces in the face of diverse missions and minute-by-minute situational changes,” says Ronen Hamudot, Executive VP of Marketing and Sales at SK Group. “We have developed a single kit that provides different levels of protection and addresses any scenario, including covert missions, search and arrest missions, dispersal of demonstrators, and more. This GAL VPS is an addition to the overall solution offered by IWI in the field of public protection. IWI continues to pursue its goal of providing complete solutions to its customers, by constantly developing the most advanced systems in the world.”




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