Limited Edition SK Guns 1911 Honours Daniel Boone And The "Lost State" of Transylvania

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SK Guns Daniel Boone

In the warm glow of August, SK Guns is set to unveil a remarkable tribute to an American legend with the release of a custom-engraved Colt 1911 pistol. This exceptional firearm honours the intrepid spirit of Daniel Boone and the largely untold story of the Transylvania Colony, a historical endeavour that aimed to establish a new chapter in the American narrative.

The forthcoming release represents the third chapter in the captivating "The Lost States of America" series by SK Guns. This collection is a homage to historical territories that, while significant, never fully materialized into states. The Transylvania Colony is a nod to the ambitious but ephemeral region that once spanned what are now parts of Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Crafted with precision and passion, the Colt 1911 is a full-size government model pistol, chambered in the venerable .45 ACP calibre. This iconic design has garnered the admiration of gun enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. In a testament to its exclusivity, only 200 of these commemorative pistols will be crafted, each paired with a distinctive challenge coin as a mark of its rarity.

Daniel Boone's influence stretches far beyond mere namesakes. His pivotal role as a militia officer in the Revolutionary War is etched into the annals of history. Boone's resilience is legendary; even after being captured by the Shawnee tribe in 1778, he escaped and continued to protect the fledgling Kentucky settlements.

The vision for a new colony was brought to life by Richard Henderson's relentless pursuit. His Transylvania Land Company, having acquired land from the Cherokee, set its sights on establishing Boonesborough as the capital of the would-be fourteenth colony, Transylvania. In March 1775, Boone led an expedition to carve out a path for this settlement, with Henderson following close behind. Upon their arrival, Boone's party commenced the construction of Kentucky's first fortified settlement, Boonesborough, under his guidance.

However, Henderson's aspirations were met with resistance. The land purchase was contested by Virginia, and by 1778, the agreement was dissolved. Despite this, Boonesborough stood resilient, becoming a crucial stronghold and communication hub during the Revolutionary War. In 1779, the inhabitants of Boonesborough took a significant step forward, successfully petitioning Virginia for a town charter, thus marking Boonesborough as Kentucky's inaugural official town.

Boonesborough thrived for a period, especially in the tobacco trade, yet its population was in constant flux. By the 1820s, it ceased to exist as an independent entity. Although it fell short of Henderson's grandiose dreams, Boonesborough's role in the settlement of Kentucky and the broader westward expansion was undeniable. Today, its historical importance is commemorated as a National Historic Landmark.

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“Daniel Boone was a true American patriot who was a legend in his own lifetime. This gun pays tribute to one of the original pioneers to sojourn out of the thirteen colonies, as well as the settlements that followed,” said Simon Khiabani, owner, and founder of SK Guns. “The Lost State of Transylvania was a dream of Boone and Henderson, and the goal of this gun is to help ensure that this dream is never forgotten.”

The Colt 1911 from SK Guns is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with elaborate engravings that honour both Boone and the elusive colony. On the right side of the slide, one can find a 24-karatgold-plated map of the Transylvania region, elegantly inscribed with "State of Transylvania" in silver amidst a floral scroll backdrop. It also features a portrait of Richard Henderson, the colony's emblem, and unique serial numbers, signifying each pistol's place in the limited series of 200.

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On the left, the slide bears an artistic representation of the 1775 assembly of Transylvania’s House of Delegates, complemented by the floral scroll pattern and the renowned Colt insignia. The slide's apex pays homage to Boone with his likeness and that of his faithful hunting companion. It also highlights the Great Seal of Kentucky and the phrase "Lost State of Transylvania" emblazoned on a golden ribbon.

The pistol's allure is heightened by its polished finish, gold-plated controls, and grips fashioned from authentic Kentucky Bourbon barrels, infusing it with a dash of local charm.

SK Guns will release the "The Lost States of America: Daniel Boone" series in August 2024. With a starting Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$2,700, this series promises to be a remarkable addition to any collection, encapsulating the spirit of a bygone era and the enduring legacy of a pioneer.

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