Meet The APACHE Double-Stacked 1911 Pistol From WatchTower Firearms


WatchTower Firearms's APACHE 1911

For the marksman seeking an edge, WatchTower Firearms' APACHE double-stack 1911 pistol demands attention. This firearm, crafted by Watchtower Firearms, blends cutting-edge technology with the iconic 1911 platform, resulting in a weapon designed for precision and performance.

Built upon the legacy of the PewView Limited Edition, a respected competition pistol, the APACHE boasts premium components and meticulous engineering. Its foundation lies in a robust pre-hardened 4140 stainless steel frame, topped by a commanding 4.25-inch 416R stainless-steel slide. This combination ensures durability and stability, even during rapid fire.

But it's not just about raw muscle. The APACHE prioritizes user comfort and control. Wide, tactical-profile grips mold to the hand, providing a secure hold. The double-stack magazine well further enhances grip stability while offering an impressive capacity, crucial for competitive shooting or extended self-defense situations.

WatchTower Firearms's APACHE 1911 02

Shooters will appreciate the APACHE's smooth, crisp trigger pull. Clocking in at a medium-length 3-4 pounds, it allows for accurate and deliberate shot placement. Ambidextrous safety switches offer accessibility for both left and right-handed users, ensuring quick and intuitive operation.

Durability also takes center stage. The APACHE utilizes Watchtower's proprietary PVD coating, creating a corrosion-resistant shield against saltwater and rust. This coating, applied to the slide, barrel, frame, and major components, not only safeguards the firearm but also simplifies maintenance.

WatchTower Firearms's APACHE 1911 03

Beyond its technical prowess, the APACHE carries a symbolic weight. Inspired by the spirit of the American warrior, it's a firearm for those who value skill, honor, and a relentless pursuit of victory.

Scheduled for shipment in fall 2024, the APACHE comes equipped with a range pistol case, a tool-less recoil system with various spring options, magazines (17 and 20 rounds), a pistol lock, and a lifetime warranty. While pricing information isn't available yet, this combination of performance, features, and symbolic value suggests the APACHE will be a sought-after option for competition shooters and discerning firearms enthusiasts alike.

WatchTower Firearms's APACHE 1911 04

Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a discerning firearms enthusiast, the APACHE double-stack 1911 pistol warrants consideration. Its blend of precision, performance, and symbolic meaning could be the edge you've been searching for.

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