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Advisory: 911 Anniversary and Stand Down Call

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To our readers, it is the 6th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center Towers. While we bow our heads in commemoration of those who died on that dreadful day, and to those who have died or suffered under terrorists attacks around the world, we also issue a call for caution and stand down to all airsoft players around the world.

We spread the word around to be cautious in transporting your airsoft replicas in public transport, and even private transport as secuirty forces are on their highest alert, especially in countries hit hard by terrorists. With some news about terrorist plots and arrests leading to this day, the best way is to  leave your airsoft weapons at home or wherever you usually store these. This is our contribution and hopefully there will be no incidents of people being arrested, causing public panic for carrying replica weapons on this day. It also helps security forces focus on the more dangerous aspects of their jobs, that of preventing actual terrorist attacks, rather having their time and resources diverted to accosting naive airsoft players carrying their gear around.

We hope this is heard and followed. And we are posting this image which is made by Airsoft GI.