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Battlezone Airsoft AI 40 Mike Test

Battlezone Airsoft AI 40 Mike Test

Here is the latest test of the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Shell conducted by Battlezone Airsoft in Essex... "We here at Battlezone Airsoft decided to run our own tests on a brand new product from Airsoft Innovations the 40 Mike. As the online videos that are out there to date do not show the 40 Mike being used correctly & therefore these are not fair tests.

We tested this product at different distances & compared it against   other products, a 40mm moscart & the Swiss Arms / Cybergun Anti Personnel Launcher.

I would like to thank John from Team Sasquatch for his filming & editing skills, Julian from Airsoft Innovations for sending us 2 sample 40 mikes for testing, Jim at Skirmish Billericay for letting us use his site for the testing video, Ashley from the B Team for being our test dummy.

Our delivery from the 40 Mike should be us with around the end of June (2018). They are currently available to pre order from our website."