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Evike.com SHOT Show 2019 Sneak Peek

Find out what new releases and exclusive sneak peeks at the Evike.com display booth during the SHOT Show 2019 in this video... "We're finally here at the exciting Shot Show 2019 convention in Las Vegas, NV! Want to find out what new and epic products we have lined up this year? Check out this video to find out!"

Baton Airsoft M45A1 CO2GBB Pistol

Baton Airsoft show their Baton Airsoft M45A1 CO2 Gas Blowback (CO2GBB) Handgun. "CO2GBB" is also a registered trademark of theirs... "M45A1 is a 45-caliber pistol formally adopted by the US Marine Corps Special Operation Command (USMARSOC), a model equipped with under-mounting rails, no-back site, national match barrel and G10 glass fiber blip on the base 1911A1.

APS CAM MK3 Shotgun Grouping Test

APS does a shotgun grouping test with the APS CAM MK3 Shotgun. An improvement over the realistic operation CAM870, it is still uses the push pin system but has been modified that non real gun parts or real shotgun shells can be used with it. The test shoot uses shooting 6mm and 4.5mm BBs with the targets at 7, 12, and 18 metres.

Military 1st: Leatherman Tread Tempo Watch

Leatherman Tread Tempo Watch version is available right now at the Military 1st online store... "The Leatherman Tread Tempo Watch is a travel-friendly multi-tool combining 30 hard-working interchangeable tools and durable, water-resistant Swiss-made timepiece with date and time functions and three luminescent hands.

The Daily Shooter: SHOT Show 2019 Day 1

The Daily Shooter gives a recap of the first day of the SHOT Show 2019, making his list the best for that day... "Today I went to some of the smaller booths to see what was available.  I found some great gear. This was the best I say at SHOT Show Day 1: SLR Rifleworks +5 and +0 Base plate, Agilite Plate Carrier and Pack attachment, Fortis MFG Complete Ambi Lower DSG Ranger Racks, and the ZEV Lightweight AR-15 in 6.5 Creedmoor."

SHOT Show 2019 Headlines Day 1

Here are the headlines yesterday at the SHOT Show 2019 as presented by the NSSF's SHOT Show TV... "HOT Show TV Jan. 22, 2019 headlines. It's time to set your sights on the worlds largest Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show has it all. SHOT Show TV brings you the must-see moments from both on and off the show floor at the 41st Annual SHOT Show."

Evike.com: Valken ASL Polymer AEG Series

The entry-level and affordable ASL series from Valken Tactical are in stock at Evike.com... "Valken's ASL AEG Series offers players with an excellent starting platform as well as an overall lightweight AEG. The HDP (High Density Polymer) provides a light but also durable build that's tough to take on the field."

Reptilia CQG Pistol Grip For AR-15/SR25

Reptilia's CQG Grip, made for the AR-15s as well as the SR-25 is available in the real steel market now. Can possibly fit existing AR GBBs... "The CQG pistol grip has been specifically designed to enhance ergonomics and performance for the rise in popularity of compact sized short-barreled rifles, AR15 pistols, and pistol caliber carbines.

PTS PDR-C With Wolverine Reaper

CQB Junkie tests a PTS Magpul PDR-C that has been kitted with the Wolverine Airsoft Reaper... "New Airsoft Gameplay at Helenaveen in the Netherlands. One of the best cqb indoor fields and always fun to play there. With a custom build of a friend of mine (ST Solutions) I had the chance to test out his project. The Wolverine Reaper this beast is really to rock n roll in cqb fields."

Komrads Alfa Feature On 6mm TV

Well-known airsoft afficionados of everything AK, Komrads get featured on 6mm TV... "For our first ever video team feature, we've called in some operators who aim to make themselves a true Russian inspired team. Taking in queues from the FSB and the drive to make Ivan nod in approval, Team KOMRADS is a #teamgoals that might make you wanna switch over from the NATO side of things.