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Mach Sakai: LCT LC-3A3 AEG Review

Latest for Mach Sakai to subject to scrutiny and performance test is the LC-3A3 AEG from LCT Airsoft. Based on the Heckler & Koch G3A3 rifle, this AEG is a full steel one with the exception of the stock, grip, and handguard which are made of Nylon. This AEG can accept any mount that is designed for HK G3.

BO Dynamics AK-104 Patriot Review

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez does a full review of the AK-104 Patriot from BO Dynamics... "Already more than a year ago, I received this replica from BO Manufacture. Instead of making a video presentation, I took my time for this written review. No excuse, it's just that I got overwhelmed with many other things, including the uploading of the new blog...

In short, it is to present you the AK104 Patriot BO Dynamics, a production Lonex on request from BO. Let's go!"

Femme Fatale: MantisX Training System

If you have been hearing The MantisX from airsoft Youtubers in the US, it is now in the UK with Femme Fatale Airsoft getting her hands on one... "MantisX is a training system that is designed to help improve your shooting precision. It is a small sensor that can be used with live fire, dry practice for firearms and even for airsoft.

Beat Down Boogie At Dragon Con 2017

Another round of Cosplay goodness courtesy of Beat Down Boogie as they present their output from the DragonCon 2017. For this year, it took place last 31 August  to 4 September 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dragon Con has been taking place since 1987 which started with an initial 1,400 people. For this year, it has now reached 80,000.

Unicorn Leah: PUBG In Real Life

Unicorn Leah joins in Player Unknown Battlegrounds game in real life as organised by NODE... "Behind the scenes vlog from the Player Unknown's Battleground's airsoft game with Node! We team up with Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital, D from Node, Jet DesertFox,  Brain Exploder, and Evike Matt to play PUBG in real life, using airsoft guns that are all featured in the video game. I take a brutal head shot from Evike Matt that makes me bleed and I have to leave the first game."

Stirling Airsoft: Op. Blue Oak Part 1

Another video from Stephen Reynolds as he continues to cover Stirling Airsoft events. This footage is part 1 of Operation Blue Oak with the scenario being Bangui, Central African Republic where a ferocious battle for the capital was ongoing. TF29 and the Azearian State battle it out in this event that took place last 8 September in Catterick.

RWA Lee Enfield No. 4 On Pre-Order

We know you have been waiting for this and finally RedWolf Airsoft are taking pre-orders for the RWA Lee Enfield No. 4... "The long awaited RWA Lee Enfield No.4 is here in all its glory. True to form, the gun is crafted from real wood and is a proud representation of the rifle fielded by the British Army back in the days of WWII.


Valken LED Flashlight / Laser Sight Combo

Mount it to a rifle or a pistol, the Valken LED Flashlight/Laser Sight Combo is a good solution for use in low light conditions. You can get one at Airsoft Atlanta... "The Valken LED Flashlight / Laser Sight Combo Pistol Mount is a high quality solid combo unit that attaches to your pistol's front under-rail. Should work on most pistols with a standard rail system (all airsoft). Red laser beam, 200 lumen flashlight power.

Gunfire: Emerson, ASG & Electro River

The ASG CZ 805 Bren A2 is just one of the AEGs that are in stock from Action Sports Game at Gunfire this week. Other arrivals for your to check when you have time to do some online airsoft shipping are tactical gear from Emerson Gear and batteries and chargers from Electro River. More of these below: AirsoftCon 2017 Official Video

For those who attended the recently concluded AirsoftCon 2017, the official video is now up. AirsoftCon is a big event hosted by annually, bringing a huge number of airsoft players to their Superstore in California... "Thank you to our amazing vendors, fields and customers that made Airsoftcon 2017 absolutely EPIC!"