Accessories For The LCT Airsoft Silencer Rails


With the release of the Silencer Rails for the AS VAL and VSS Vintorez AEGs made by LCT Airsoft, the company also have the accesories that you can moun on these rails to so you can have better handling of these AEGs. They have the Z Series Foregrips in different lengths and a sling mount you can use on the rail. Also, there is the PK283 3-Position Folding Grip you can adjust to your comfort and the PK411 Silencer Rail & Foregrip combo.

Nonocat With Sig Air M17 GBB & TMC FLUX MP17


Nonocat gets to put together the SIG Air ProForce M17 Gas Blowback Pistol and the TMC FLUX MP17 to check out if the combo gives a better shooting platform, especially as a primary for CQB games. Cool action at the end of the video :) ... "Ever since I saw the promo video by FLUX, I ogled and dreamed of the day when there would be an Airsoft version of the MP17. It didn't take very long for TMC to answer my prayers and boy was it the best day ever when the package arrived!

Best Airsoft P90s In The Market


Airsoft Chay makes a list of the P90s in the market to find out which are the best for airsoft players. Brands in the list are CYMA, Krytac/EMG, King Arms, Tokyo Marui, and WE Airsoft. Missing in the list is the Classic Army version though it is probably out of production including the Sportline model. The WE version is the only gas blowback in the group.

The Firearm Blog: Is A Polish AK-M Good?


Review by The Firearm Blog TV on the WBP Jack rifle made in Rogow, Poland... "Polish Kalashnikov variants, AK-47s (or, more properly, AK-Ms), and AK-74-type rifles have been coming into the country for decades, but Polish AKs have been imported and distributed in greater volume recently, with the Beryl AKs from FB Radom and the WBP Fox and WBP Jack seeing positive reviews and greater sales volumes in recent years.

Is the Acetech Bifrost The Best Tracer Unit In 2022?


Geonox Airsoft checks out the Acetech Bifrost tracer unit if it is indeed the best airsoft tracer unit for the year... "In this video we take a look at the Acetech Bifrost. In addition to the conventional tracer function, you can set the tracer to any color of the rainbow. You can also set it to RGB. In this mode, you see a beam that is red at the front, green in the middle, and blue at the back. You can even set it to a rainbow mode.

0'20 Magazine English Edition Issue No. 43 Now Out


The English edition of the free to read airsoft magazine 0'20 Magazine has issue no. 43 available now... "How are you doing folks?

Here in 0’20 Magazine are glad to share with you (and the airsoft community) the release of the issue #43 of our magazine. As always, FREE! You’ve heard correctly, both printed (distributed through hundreds of airsoft stores in more than 10 countries) and online magazine on click away.

Fix For The LBX Armatus 2.0 PTT & Comms Cable


Charlie Dangerous shows a fix that you can do with in routing a PTT and comms cable on the LBX Armatus 2.0... "The Armatus 2.0 Plater Carrier by LBX Tactical is a fantastic milsim or entry-level plate carrier that's also relatively inexpensive. My main issue with the carrier is the lack of a place to mount my push-to-talk, and comms cable routing!"



Quick presentation by ASG of their fully licensed BERSA BP9CC GBB Airsoft replica... "The BP9CC is a semi-automatic 6 mm Blowback Airsoft gun fully licensed by BERSA. It is a lightweight, compact, ultra thin handgun, with a ergonomic design that improves line of-sight. It is powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge stored in the grip using the easy-load system and the BB's are put in a removable stick magazine.

Maydaysan Airsoft On Drop Leg Holsters


Are drop leg holsters still in use these days? Maydaysan Airsoft gives his thoughts on the value of drop leg holsters for use in airsoft... "Today we do a longer talk on drop leg holsters for airsoft. Drop leg holsters seem like a thing of the past, but they do still have value, if you set it up correctly."

Evike Matt's Top 13 Ways to Protect Your Face


As always we strongly recommend not to skimp on eye and face protection when spending on gear for use in airsoft. There a lot of good options out there and depending on your budget, there are execellent ones and good enough. In this video by, Matt got a list of 13 ways to protect that pretty face and mesmerizing eyes of yours and all of them are available at, online and offline.

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