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BB2K Airsoft: SHOEI Gewehr 43

BB2K Airsoft: SHOEI Gewehr 43

BB2K Airsoft reviews the finely crafted GEWEHR 43 Rifle made by SHOEI in this video... "I am celebrating my personal premiere today! I have the honor to unpack a GEWEHR 43 by the Japanese high-end manufacturer Shoei Seisakusho Inc. The G43 from the company Shoei is a 6mm Airsoft with Blowback. The KARABINER 43 is operated with air that is filled with an air pump in the magazine.

With one filling, a maximum of 12 shots can be fired. This 1: 1 Airsoft replica is not a 'mass product' but is lovingly made by hand. So the buyer is rewarded with a real wood stock, full metal construction and authentic markings. A piece of German history of weapons for collectors, airsoft players, WW2 re-enactment, gun lovers, etc. "