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Hi-C: The 15 Best Nerf Guns For Office Warfare

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

Far away from the nearest airsoft skirmish site and stuck at work though there's nothing being done? Why not just declare war on your office mates and blast each other with Nerf guns. Office warfare doesn't get complete with all the latest Nerf guns and Hi-Consumption made of a list of the 15 Best Nerf Guns that you can use when you get an itchy trigger finger at the office.

"As time has gone on, the Nerf line of soft-core weaponry has become their pride and joy. More than just a child’s toy these days, some of the most creative offices of enormous companies have weekly (or daily) fights with Nerf guns, bows, and spongy artillery. Sporting everything from rapid-fire miniguns to long-distance sniper rifles, anyone who refuses to grow all the way up will have a soft spot in their heart for Nerf’s hardware. To celebrate this perpetual childhood, we’ve found the 15 best Nerf guns for the kid at heart."

Read the full list here.