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Tomenosuke Blaster 2049 At WGC Shop

WGC Shop Tomenosuke Blaster 2049

Get to own one of the blasters used in Blade Runner 2049 and the original Blade Runner movie. WGC Shop posted news that they have Tomenosuke Blaster 2049 in stock. Just remember it is a non-firing prop can useful for Cosplays or perhaps just have it displayed promimently at home or at the office... "We have a LAPD 2019 Blaster reproduction model gun here, it came from the cyber punk classic, Blade Runner and its sequel.

  • Complete 1:1 scale model of 2049 Blaster, no assembly required.
  • Cast alloy main parts with plastic decorations and resin qrip panels.
  • 5 Red LEDs can be turned on with a flick of switch ( powered by 1x 2032 battery, included )
  • Operable revolver parts ( trigger, double action hammer, cylinder ) and bolt handle.
  • 5x brass/aluminum dummy rounds included

NOTE: This Item is a Non-Firing Model Gun which does not shoot any pellets."