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"What Is The Most Accurate Sniper Rifle?"

Tactical Rifleman: What is the Most Accurate Sniper Rifle?

This is an RS video so you might be disappointed if it is not about an airsoft sniper rifle. But if you insist, take a look at what Tactical Rifleman considers to be the most accurate sniper rifle... "We have done reviews on a number of sniper rifles. Many of them are competing for SOCOMS precision rifle contract. They have to be able to change calibers and all that stuff. Today I want to talk about the Accuracy International AXMC. This is the Ferrari of 338 Lapuas.

The stock is micro adjustable, it folds to the side and its durable. To change calibers there are no special tools needed. You can just take the 4 millimeter allen wrench out of the stock and you are good to go. You just have to take out the barrel and swap bolts. There is an insert for the magazine well.

The amazing part of the gun is being able to change calibers from 338 to 308. You can go out and train with 308 all day long or take a student out and they can get familiar with it and get it zeroed and then once they get it dialed in they can swap barrels and put in the 338. We don’t wear down the barrel and we don’t wear out the shooters shoulder.

The other great part is if you are overseas and you wear out a barrel, instead of sending the entire gun back to the rear all we have to do is ship them a new barrel, you are not taking the gun out of the fight for a ling time. I swear this is the most accurate gun I have shot my entire life. This is a home run.

Strength and Honor, TR."