The Next Generation of MDP-9 Is Here As Angstadt Arms Unveils the GEN 2


Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen 2

In the realm of pistol caliber carbines (PCCs), the prevalence of direct blowback systems is notable. These systems operate by utilizing a substantial bolt and spring to counteract the recoil produced by handgun ammunition. Despite their cost-effectiveness and functionality, such designs can result in PCCs that are somewhat cumbersome and awkward to handle.

Enter the Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen 2, a game-changer in the PCC domain. This PCC employs a roller-delayed blowback mechanism, striking a remarkable balance between compactness and operational efficiency.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen 2 02

The MDP-9 Gen 2 stands out with its diminutive stature, measuring a mere 14 inches in length and tipping the scales at an incredibly light 3.7 pounds. Angstadt Arms' innovative engineering is evident in this model, which significantly alters the PCC landscape and underscores their dedication to enhancing the user experience.

Chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge, the MDP-9 Gen 2 is compatible with Glock magazines. It features a 5.9-inch barrel equipped with a three-lug muzzle apparatus, ready to accommodate a suppressor or flash hider.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen 2 02


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The upper receiver of the MDP-9 Gen 2 is crafted as a single piece, complete with a Picatinny rail for the straightforward attachment of optics or sights. Additionally, the handguard is furnished with M-LOK slots, providing ample opportunity for accessorizing. The lower receiver is designed with ambidextrous controls, including a switchable safety selector and a well-designed trigger, enhancing the firearm's versatility. Moreover, the MDP-9 is adaptable to various AR-9 triggers, allowing for a customized shooting experience.

The hallmark of the MDP-9 Gen 2 is its innovative roller-delayed blowback system. This mechanism employs rollers to secure the bolt in place until the internal pressure decreases, facilitating the use of a lighter bolt and diminishing recoil. The result is a more manageable firearm that enables quicker successive shots.

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Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen 2 07

Angstadt Arms has incorporated several enhancements to the fire control system of the MDP-9 Gen 2. Among these is a nickel-plated trigger, which ensures a smooth and accurate trigger pull. The ambidextrous safety selector and the unobtrusive hand stop are additional features that elevate the overall user experience.

The MDP-9 Gen 2 is available in a variety of colors and can be configured as either a pistol or an SBR (Short-Barreled Rifle). Pricing for this advanced PCC begins at $2,475. For those who already possess an AR-9 lower receiver, there is also an option to purchase a complete upper assembly.

The Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen 2 is a testament to the evolution of PCC technology. With its featherlight construction, exceptional ergonomics, and the cutting-edge roller-delayed blowback system, it promises to deliver unparalleled performance for enthusiasts seeking a firearm that is both versatile and easily adaptable.

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