Popular Airsoft Magazine May 2008 Issue Available Now


The May 2008 issue of Popular Airsoft Magazine is now released and another reason for an enjoyable download. This issue is about Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and we've got loads of articles for you to read! It's worth the money downloading this issue as it is a much-anticipated one. Our writers have gone beyond the call of duty this time, and have been very prolific at writing stories and making reviews.

We've covered some basics on CQC, and went to Elektrowerkz, the centre for hardcore CQC airsofters in London. What's more, we present to you two face-offs in the budget AEG area, the M4 CQB-Rs from JG, DBoys, and A&K, plus the MP7s from Well and Galaxy.  Going further in our CQC issue, we interviewed two great CQC teams: the FCS Delta-Alpha (Team Dark Angels), and the SWAT Airsofters Philippines. We also have two DIY articles covering tactical lighting and building Patriot M4s. Plus, stuff  from Echo1 USA and Madbull Airsoft were reviewed. And before we forget, we've got two grenades featured in this issue, stuff you can't do without when playing in CQC sites and the airsoft events that happened in the US and the Philippines.


Full magazine contents below:


  • From the Writers - We just went into overdrive
  • Meet the Operators - The guys everybody would love to cuddle...not!
  • Grunt Mail - What the grunts have to say about the magazine
  • Now for Some News - Which one for your armoury?
  • IWA 2008 Outdoor Classic - Slickaxe and buddy just went to Germany
  • Book Review: Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics - Milsim fanatic? This one's for you
  • Into The Box Part 1 - Let's read Mike's Story
  • Echo1 M4 Multicam Accessories - Guccicammers, here's your stuff
  • MadBull JP Rifles 9.8" Front-end Kit - This is a kit you would want
  • Throat Mic Review - Nope, it's not a noose to hang yourself with
  • Madbull Chrono - They find it very cute
  • Krukspec Megaspeedball Challenge - An even better one by late 2008
  • Operation Red Star - Full scale operations by US and Philippine Special Forces
  • COVER STORY: Welcome to The `Werkz - You'll get hammered here
  • The Werkzperience - And he got addicted to it
  • FCS Delta-Alpha (Team DarkAngels): UK's Premier CQC Airsoft Unit - Fine airsofters indeed!
  • To know is to Dominate - Tactics you would swear by
  • Who's Next? Practice! Practice! Practice! - You better listen to this guy
  • Basic SWAT Loadout - Wearing black is not the only thing to it
  • Philippine Airsoft SWAT: Dressed to kill - Reccesix and his team
  • Budget M4 CQB-R Face Off: Jing Gong, DBoys, A&K - Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
  • Budget MAEG Face Off: Well vs Galaxy MP7 - Cute little buggers aren't they?
  • AEG Review: King Arms TROY A3 CQB Compact AEG - Another hit from King Arms
  • AEP Reviews: DE M81 and CYMA Glock 18c - What gas? Go Batteries!
  • Grenade reviews: ZOXNA BB and NLTM Thumper Grenades - Fire in the hole!
  • Let There Be Light! A pocket-saver illumination loadout for CQB - And then there was light...duck!
  • Building Your Patriot M4: PDI Patriot 1 STD, Patriot 2 SLIT, and Patriot 4 STD - Japanese build quality surely these things are
  • Best Airsoft Photos 2008: A Call for Submissions - Calling all photographers! Two months left!
  • So you want to be an Operator? - We'll breathe down your neck

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