Robot Dog With Rocket Launcher On Display At Russia’s Army-2022 Forum

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M-81 Robot Dog

You have seen a Russian mount an SMG on robot dog previously, but the Russians are not done yet. At the ongoing International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2022” in Russia, they have on display a robot dog that has an even more destructive power, it carries a rocket launcher.

In all honesty, we doubt if the robot dog will be able to handle the backblast of a rocket when its fired given that the robot dog with the SMG had a hard time handling the recoil of an SMG. Still, if they are providing a proof of concept that they can mount weapons on electro-mechanical canines.

The robot dog on display at Army-2022, which is taking place even amidst of the Russo-Ukrainian War, is called the “M-81” and is claimed to be developed by Intelligent Machine, a Russian company.  Just like a real canine, M-81 can walk and crouch like a dog, except that it can obliterate enemies if directed by its operator as there is no indication it can be work autonomously.

The rocket launcher seems to be the RPG-26 Aglen self-contained, disposable single shot 72.5 mm rocket launcher. It has an effective range of 250 metres. As for its weight, it’s 2.9kg so it should not be a problem for M-81 to carry given that it can move with ease with the launcher mounted.

For the sharp-eyed observers, M-81 seems to be the same robot as seen in the robot dog with the SMG. The M-81 is dressed up in some sort of a ninja costume but if you look at eyes or optical sensors in front, it looks similar to the Unitree Yushu Technology Dog (GO-1) that can be purchased from Aliexpress. If indeed true, then anyone can buy any COTS robodog and with some tinkering, can also have an armed robot dog.

You can mock the company for not being original with the robot dog design, it means that robot warfare may not exactly be exactly be the realm of the military. With more and more robots becoming available commercially, even civilians can have their armed robots if they have the know-how and can legally do so.

We won’t be surprised when someone has the budget to buy a Unitree Yushu Technology Dog or something similar and mount an airsoft gun on it in the near future.

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