Rock Bottom Airsoft's 5 Favourite AEG Upgrades


You might want to try these upgrades for the AEG that are the favourites of Rock Bottom Airsoft... "In this video we take a look at 5 of my favourite  Airsoft AEG upgrades.

These upgrades are not chosen based on ease of fitment or cost. These are upgrades that for me, make a difference and can be worth doing. Whether thats because they are affordable, easy to do or make a significant improvement can be applied to some of them.

RWTV's Top 10 Airsoft AEGs Ultimate Guide


Another list of of preferred airsoft guns released by RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV). Watch Marck as he presents their ultimate guide on the top 10 AEGs in this video... "The Automatic Electric Gun or AEG is probably the most popular airsoft platform. We have compiled what we think are the Top 10 best electric airsoft guns right now!"

Recon Brothers: "AEG or GBBR - Which Should YOU Go For?"


Back to the question if you should get an AEG or GBBR for your use an airsoft primary. Though in all honesty, you are free to use any but sometimes there are advantages of one over the other in certain situations such as training. In this video the Recon Brothers discuss this such pointing out the differences between the two types.

Sig Sauer ProForce M17 vs F17 GBB


The Sig Sauer M17 pistol, which is the official sidearm for the U.S. Military is available in the airsoft market. The good thing is that there are two companies offering it, the official Sig Sauer Proforce M17 (CO2 and Green Gas) with VFC being the OEM, and the licensed F17 from Asia Electric Guns and this one is made by WE Airsoft which we assumed was supposed to be supplying the licensed M17 airsoft when we first saw it the MOA Exhibition 2018 in Taipei.

Airsoft Action: How Does An AEG Work?


Perhaps another refresher course for those who have forgotten how an AEG works? Here is a gearbox tour from Airsoft Action TV for their Airsoft Academy series... "How does an AEG work? In this episode Tom takes you through an Airsoft Gearbox and shows you how it works."

New LCT Airsoft CNC Motor Mounts


More durable and lighweight AEG motor mounts are released by LCT Airsoft... "We are releasing the CNC motor mount now, more stronger but lighter, included two types AK and VSS series.It is made by aluminum alloy material that becomes more stronger but even lighter with 100% durability guarantee.

The brand-new motor mount was made by reinforce material (aluminum alloy) is in order to fit the high torque/high speed motor or upgrade."

Double Eagle UMP-45 AEG Review


Airsoft Ratas Armadas or the Airsoft Armed Rats review the affordable UMP-45 from Double Eagle. Made mainly of Polymer, it has a folding stock, railed handguard, and ambidextrous operation. The alloy hop-up unit is adjustable and has integrated ironsights as well.

Toronto Airsoft: E&C Mid-Tier AEGs


Many consider East Crane AEGs to be affordable entry level airsoft guns. But they have more expensive Mid-Tier AEGs and Toronto Airsoft got them in stock. These have quick spring features to allow a quick downgrade or upgrade to meet airsoft game site requirements. Gearbox uses 8mm bearings and usually have a muzzle velocity of 400fps.

Toronto Airsoft: How To Diagnose AEG


A helpful video for those who are having trouble with their AEGs. Toronto Airsoft got some basic diagnostics tips for AEG. This can help you make your quick fix to your AEG before driving off to your retailer to have it fixed. Always remember that before doing some serious maintenance work that your AEG might still be under warranty so you can bring it for some TLC.

Mach Sakai: G&G Knights SR-25 AEG


During the G&G Lovers Owners Meetup that took place in Japan, Mach Sakai spotted the G&G Knights SR-25 Prototype. This is a fully licensed Knights Armament airsoft gun and thus comes with approve stamp markings. He gives us a quick overview on this AEG which uses M-LOK so better turn on your language caption to learn more.

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