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Tominator On KWA M4 CQR AEG & LM4 GBB

The Tominator of the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog posts two new stories at this Blog site. The first one is an intro about KWA's new M4 CQR AEG which is a sub-US$200.00 offering for those who are on a budget. The second is installing a La Rue RIS on the KWA LM4 PTR Gas Blowback Rifle which should be helpful for those wanting to make some external upgrade to their PTR. Click on the links below to read the full blog posts.

Asia Electric Guns Full Metal SR-15 AEG

This full metal SR-15 AEG has Knight's trademarks and available at Airsoft Panda for US$144.00. It has full metal one piece outer barrel, CNC aluminium RAS handguard, cock to lock function is also available, flip-up rail front sight, 600 metre flip-up rear sight, and comes with a 300-round high capacity magazine. Price does not include shipping costs.

VFC AK74/AKM & AKMS AEG 2012 Versions

More new items at WGC Shop as they get more airsoft guns from Vega Force Company. The latest VFC items they have are the VFC AK74, AKM, & AKMS AEG 2012 Versions. Also available are the AIP Multi-Angle Speed Magazine Pouch which is designed for Action Air or Airsoft Practical Shooting, and the KWA TT-33 Gas Blowback Pistol.

"VFC AK74 & AKM & AKMS AEGs (2012 Ver.)

G&G RK47 AEG WGC Special Offer

Another opportunity to save on costs with this special offer from WGC Shop. They took out US$60 from the list price of the G&G RK47 Non-Blowback Full Metal and Wood AEG which they are now offering it at US$239 from the original list price of US$299.00. That's a good chunk removed, but you will have to factor in shipping costs when ordering this at a reduced price.

MadBull ACE SOCOM Stock For M4 AEG

Get Reload just got shipment of these ACE Stocks from MadBull Airsoft and these are priced at US$70.00 each... "These stocks are CNC machined out of durable aircraft grade aluminum. Tough made stocks used to bash windows and other forced entries. Combined with our patent pending quick-release fast-change battery system swap out your battery within seconds! This is an airsoft first and a revolutionary design for Li-Poly configurations.

G&P Paratrooper AEG at eHobby Asia

This is a good addition to your CQB arsenal. This G&P Paratrooper AEG is a G&P M4 EOD Custom AEG with a Fighting Cat Front Set, G&P SEAL Skull Metal Body and 8mm Geabox. This comes with a 130-round mid-cap Troy BattleMag Magazine and ready to go to 285fps which should be ideal and safe enough for close quarters combat. It's right now available at eHobby Asia for US$262.00.


The latest addition to the G&G Armament CM16 Series that has a fibre-reinforced plastic receiver and to make these series very much affordable. The battery can be installed in the buttstock, has an overall length of 850mm, 8mm gearbox. This model comes with a free 30mm AP Red Dot Sight. It is available in black and desert tan colours.

Inside The Mechbox Ep. 27: KWA G36C AEG

In's other video series, Inside the Mechbox, the KWA G36C gets dissected... "In this episode of Inside the Mechbox, ASTKilo23 takes a look at the KWA KSC G36C Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle inside and out. They take a look at the hop up chamber, gear box, piston and much more. Also, some recommendations on any upgrades if you really would like to upgrade this high-quality airsoft gun."

Real Sword SVD AEG 2012 Version

Now available at CWI Airsoft is the 2012 version of the much well-received SVD AEG from Real Sword. It has a newly designed hop-up which means even better trajectory and range for this rifle which an airsoft sniper rifle should be. As for the price, it's US$749.90, shipping costs not included and expect to be shipped within 3-4 days.

Lancer Tactical M4 RIS AEG at Airsoft Atlanta

Lancer Tactical AEG and new items available at Airsoft Atlanta... "Lots of new guns and gear arrived just before the weekend here.  Four new Lancer Tactical M4 AEGs at $95.99 each; new shemaghs; JG Complete Gearboxes; safety face gear; spring guns; and armored ACU gloves.  We have a whole page of new stuff, come check it out.  Order anything this weekend and it will ship Monday morning guaranteed.