Helmet-Mounted AGM ASP-Micro TM384 Thermal


Kiloohmcom was able to mount AGM ASP-Micro TM384 Thermal on his helmet and demonstrates it in this video... "Norotros RHNO II for $40-60 used, there are black aluminum versions and silver titanium version. Also, some come with dovetail socket or more commonly bayonet style which needs modification to be a dovetail socket. Alternatively a Wilcox L4 G24 or Cadex will work as arms.

RHNO II bayonet arms to be modified with a Norotos PVS-15 Socket, AKA2 dovetail mount."

BB-Ballistics With the AGM STG44 AEG


An affordable collectible item for airsoft players who collect period guns, the AGM STG44 AEG is given a closer look by BB-Ballistics if it is something they can recommend for skirmishing or just put on a display... "A critical in depth Review of the Airsoft AGM STG44/MP44 AEG with chronograph and shooting tests..."

Tom's Airsoft Channel: AGM Sten MKII AEG


If you prefer an AEG instead of a GBB for a Sten airsoft version, AGM has a version available. Tom's Airsoft Channel checks out the AGM Sten MKII AEG that has been configured to meet German regulations... "The replica is almost entirely made of metal and has a slightly modified V7 gearbox. Since this weapon could only shoot continuous fire in the original, it is only logical that we have to operate it with 0.5 joules.

Airsoft Mike: AGM STG-44 Upgraded Version


Find out if this upgraded version of the AGM STG-44 AEG from Swit Airsoft is the upgrade you want. Airsoft Mike unboxes and gives an overview of this upgraded AEG... "The new fully upgraded MP44 airsoft primary from Swit Airsoft. It performs even better with heavier BBs and is sure to turn heads during gameplay! Join me as I unbox and take a detailed look at this airsoft representation of a WWII (tail end) primary! Huge thanks to Swit Airsoft!"

Tom's Airsoft Channel On The AGM Sten Gun AEG


Tom's Airsoft Channel checks out the AGM Sten MKII AEG which is available at reputable airsoft retailers in Europe for this quick overview video... "Hey guys, the part I'm showing you today really deserves the name Exot. The Sten Gun from AGM is finally back in Germany. What do you say about such a model?"

AGM STG44/MP44 AEG Review By SOCOM Tactical


SOCOM Tactical give their take on the AGM STG44/MP44 AEG that collectors and reenactors want... "The world's first assault rifle, the STG44 was designed during WW2 for use with the German army.

The AGM STG44 or MP44 is made from alloy and features a wooden stock, this makes the gun sturdy and robust. To install the battery you remove the stock pin and pull the stock off, which will expose the battery connector.

Neo035: AGM MP40 & SHOEI MP38 Review


Neo035 reviews to airsoft versions that are used by reenactors and some by collectors, the AGM MP40 and SHOEI MP38. Both used in World War II by Nazi Germany, at first glance they look the same but there actually some differences such as the MP38 38 receiver was made of machined steel but producing it was a time-consuming and expensive process whilst the MP40 receiver used stamped steel and electro-spot welding was done as much as possible.

Burntwolf Airsoft: AGM Airsoft StG 44 Review


Burntwolf Airsoft takes a look at the AGM StG 44 AEG, which is based on the Sturmgewehr 44 rifle developed in World War II... " Right then you Orrible lot, this week on Burntwolf airsoft, I'm going to be taking a look at the AGM stgg44, also know as the sturmgewehr.

AGM Magazines With The Overlord MP40


Airsoft Megastore try out the AGM MP40 magazines will work with the Overlord MP40 in this video... "We got a few comments on our Overlord MP40 video, asking if AGM magazines work in the Overlord MP40. So instead of just hitting reply, Caldwell hit the range to answer your question!

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