Arcturus C.A.T. Legend AEG At Airsoft GI


Is the Arcturus C.A.T. Legend AEG a legend in the making? That's what Cisco says in this Airsoft GI video... "Arcturus Tactical is coming out hot in 2023! They dropped some fire with their new Combat Artisan Tactical Airsoft Guns or C.A.T. for short. Arcturus paired with a Japanese airsoft company called Spark to make the ultimate mechanical airsoft gun. Did they reach their goal? Let's take a deeper look and see what the Arcturus C.A.T. Airsoft Gun has to offer!"

Kalashnikov USA Polymer AK Airsoft Torture Test


Airsoft GI tests the durability of the Kalashnikov USA Polymer AK Airsoft made by Lancer Tactical... "There have been metal and plastic ak platforms in airsoft before, but there has never been a reinforced polymer receiver! Kalashnikov USA and Lancer Tactical have released their new line of polymer airsoft AKs and they are sweet! But will they survive our torture test? Let's find out together!"

Zion Arms R15 M4 AEG At Airsoft GI


Boaz gives a long take on the Zion Arms R15 M4 AEG that is available at Airsoft GI which he says has high end features for less the price... "Zion Arms hit the airsoft world hard in 2021 with their first airsoft gun. Less than 2 years later, Zion Arms has released their first M4 and it knocks down so many standards! The Zion Arms R15 M4 Airsoft Gun just dropped and I wish it came sooner! The R15 from Zion Arms offers so much for everyone to get out of the box. The value is INSANE!

KWA Original Airsoft Guns At Airsoft GI


Cisco presents the KWA Original Airsoft Guns which are are original designs of KWA rather than based on a real world design which they may need to get a licence to use... "KWA DROPPED BANGERS COMING INTO 2023! We now have a full suite of beautiful airsoft guns in the KO Original Airsoft Guns. The RAINE, AVA, IRIS, SCARLETT, AND LUCY all have amazing performance any player would want out of the box! Let's take a deeper dive together!"

G&G Airsoft Guns Of 2023


Cisco of Airsoft GI talks about the new offerings from G&G Armament for 2023 such as the ARP9 3.0, GTW91-9 and the GX45 MKV... "G&G is coming into 2023 with some HEAT! Dropping 3 new airsoft guns that are ready to rock the airsoft field! The ARP9 3.0, GTW-91-P, and the GX45 MKV are the newest additions to the G&G Line Up! Lets give in together to see what G&G has to offer in the new year!"

Airsoft GI: How To Improve Your Airsoft Game


Cisco is here to give you tips on being better at the game in this Airsoft GI episode with some suggeste gear... "We are always looking for ways to improve our airsoft experience. For some people, they don't know where to start and others may have reached a wall. We are here to help! There are some tips and tricks to help your play style and become more effective on the field. Cisco goes over some of the easiest wants to improve your airsoft game immediately!"

Airsoft GI: Roast My Build S3 Episode 9


A special episode hosted by Cisco of Airsoft GI. What did he turn into crisp this time? Watch the episode... "In this very special episode of Roast My Build. A few of our Live Stream Moderators came down to the Mayo Gang Meet and joined Cisco for the roasting. Cisco might have scared some people off, but DarktreeAirsoft and ackritefallen213 definitely came thru with something special! Is it blessed or cursed? Tune in to find out."

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