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AMS AK Gun Builder Up Next Week

The Airsoft Megastore Gun Builder has become a hit for company, allowing customers to build their own airsoft gun configurations and knowing the costs as they build it along the way. The problem for now is that it has been limited to the AR platform, thus AK users and users of other platforms are still disappointed. But for next week, the company announced that the AMS Gun Builder AK Platform will be online... "The AK Gun Builder is launching next week!

CYMA AK AEGs In Stock at Airsoft GI

Find out more about the new and improved CYMA AK AEGs now available at Airsoft GI... "CYMA has catered to the airsoft industry for many years. Producing affordable airsoft guns, field ready out of the box. Recently they have released their airsoft guns ( AK Variants ) with externals built out of a better material! Solid external platform with field ready internals and included battery and charger, allowing you to get out and play! Great for the new and experienced airsoft player.

KWA KTR-03 & PPS Shotgun at RedWolf UK

A new Airsoft Blog being maintained by OB of the 258th Company Milsim Team in the UK, called the HTIS Media, posted a new entry about the availability at RedWolf UK of the KWA/KSC Krebs Custom (KTR-03) and the new shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun made by PPS... "Redwolf UK has just received the brand new KSC/KWA Krebs custom rifle and the PPS gas shotgun. The shotgun runs on Tanaka style system.

Team Blacksheep On E&L Airsoft AKs

An interesting series of articles from Team Blacksheep on the E&L Airsoft AK AEGs, starting with a review, a comparison with LCT Airsoft, and installation of TWI accessories on these... "The E&L AK series are the HOTTEST and most REALISTIC Airsoft AK on the market to date. Check out some of these blogs from Team BLACKSHEEP to learn more!"

Magpul AK Furniture: Zhukov and MOE

Magpul is giving more attention to the Kalashnikovs as they release their furniture called Zhukov and MOE... "Magpuls first dedicated furniture for the Kalashnikov AK47 series of rifles. The Zhukov line includes ALU reinforced extended length, M-LOK handguard and right hand folding stock with optional cheek riser.

LCT Airsoft's AK Modular System Video

LCT Airsoft sent in this video link showing the modular components of their products that can be interchangeably used or used with their various AK AEGs... "Please note this video we mean 'Modular', rather than 'Customized'. It means that LCT has many AK modular parts that can be interchanged, so if you buy those parts, you can make your own original style AK."

RWTV: E&L Airsoft's AK Full Line

Still at the Milsim CQB & Training Centre, Tim talks about the full line of E&L Airsoft AK AEGs in this RWTV episode. You can find the full line available right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "It’s been a year since the passing of Mikhail Kalashnikov and we thought it best to review all the E&L AK available. Whether Mr.

AMS: External Upgrades for Affordable AKs

Find out how to some external upgrades for budget AK AEGs in this video presentation by Ross of Airsoft Megastore... "The airsoft industry has seen a lot of change this year, and we here at saw the introduction of the New Golden Eagle airsoft Guns to our site. Today we are showing you some quick and easy ways to upgrade the external of your gun without breaking the bank.

Airsoft Megastore AK Loadout Challenge

Find out what these two gents from Airsoft Megastore are carrying in this AK Loadout Challenge... "Welcome to the 5th installment of our AMS Loadout Challenge, where two people are given the same gun, and you get to decide who makes the better gear loadout! Jon was the winner of our last ALC, this episode we had a lot of suggestions to do an AK Loadout. Vote, like, and share with your friends… who won Jon or Ross?!

Strike Industries AK Enhanced Pistol Grip

Strike Industries released two enhanced pistol grips and one is made for the AK... "An upgrade for AK-pattern pistol grip, Strike Industries introduces the AK-EPG (AK Enhanced Pistol-Grip). With an aggressive SI texture and optional finger bump (sold separately) for positive weapon control it’s designed to improve ergonomics and performance.