How To Remove The Muzzle Sound Amplifier


The Immortal Kingz Airsoft does a quick demonstration on how to remove the sound amplifier from the King Arms PDW 9mm SBR for those who think they have no use for it. Amplifiers in airsoft do exactly as they are called, amplify the sound whenever it is fired and can be adjusted if need be.

Mancraft Mjolnir Amplifier Review


Sometimes it's nice to go loud as you pull the trigger of your airsoft gun. To get more maximum effect, you'll need am amplifier. ASG Olsztyn got to check the new Mjolnir Amplifier from Mancraft.Available in different colours, the Mjolnir Amplifier uses the 14mm CCW thread and allows you to adjust the sound by changing the internal tube's position.

Airsoft Sound Amplifier Comparison


Which of these airsoft amplifiers does the most intimidating sound? Relzta-Airsoft compares the sound hogs from Skull Frog, K-Rech, and Slong in this video... "I recorded me testing 4 different Amplifiers on two different Guns so you can compare the sound of each amplifier and decide which of these sounds the best."

Mancraft: M.A.S.S. & Mjolnir Amplifiers


Mancraft sent in news last week that the Mancraft Air Stock Support MK1 or M.A.S.S. is now on pre-order. This kit allows you to install an HPA tank and regulator in the stock rather than running a line to an external tank to power an HPA-powered rifle. Also, they have the Mjolnir adjustable sound amplifiers available now.

"M.A.S.S. available on preorder:

K Tech Airsoft Amplifier Review


Check this review done by Copperhead Airsoft on the K Tech Amplifier for those who want louder airsoft guns in the field... "Huge thanks to K Tech Airsoft for sending us their product to review. Be sure to check out their website and Instagram for more information on their amplifiers (which come in many colors) and where you can get one for yourself."

New EXM Innovations Facebook Giveaway


Another reason to login to your Facebook accounts from EXM Innovations as they are going to give away their new Ampplifier... "While we are currently working on adding these new products to our webstore. We feel it would also be a good time for the 300 Likes Giveaway on our Facebook page where 3 Winners will be selected!

EXM Innovations Amplifier Video Demo


EXM Innovations released last 11 August a demo of their V2 Amplifier which you can get with an Adapter Set and you can have more realistic sound generated when you fire your airsoft gun as long as it fits the amplifier... "System for adapting 14mm counter-clockwise (CCW) threads to Kmp9 and Kmp9R without disassembling the airsoft guns.


Madbull Noveske KFH Amplifier At Redwolf Airsoft


This Noveske sound amplifier, or soundhog if you want to call it, made by MadBull Airsoft  is now available at Redwolf Airsoft... "Constructed by aluminum, 14 mm Counter-clockwise, you can fit it on most of your AEG, including all ECHO1, Classic Army, JG, TM and more. You can turn up the sound by adjusting the internal tube. Also, by our special design, you can hear the special "Metal-punching" noise when shooting!"


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