Taktik Airsoft's Review Of The ASG Storm Apocalypse


Montreal-based airsoft retailer, Taktik Airsoft, give their take on the reusable ASG Storm Apocalypse airsoft grenade... "Our first impressions of the ASG Storm Apocalypse. Frankly, we are really impressed with performance and use to date. This is a very user friendly, simple to use. and effective impact grenade."

L'antre Du Dingo: ASG Steyr AUG A2 AEG


The licensed ASG Steyr AUG A2 AEG gets reviewed by L'antre Du Dingo. Already a familiar AEG for many airsofters, this is an updated version of the Steyr AUG bullpup rifle which comes with an accessory rail. It also has the collapsible front grip and available magazines are a low-cap 45-BB round AEG magazine, and a 300-BB round, high capacity AEG magazine.

TAS801 On The ASG Airsoft Storm Grenade


Reusable airsoft grenades are recommended in games which don't allow for pyros for safety reasons. One option is the ASG Storm Grenade and TAS801 likes it... "The Storm grenade is easy to use,  and has a very decent spread. as you see in the video , the entire hallway is covered in bbs. we like this device and recommend it."

The Shooting Pyro On The ASG Franchi SAS 12 Budget Airsoft Shotgun


ASG Franchi SAS 12 is a very much affordable airsoft shotgun. Whilst it is only a single shot, it has a adjustable hop-up, white square ironsights, sliding and adjustable stock, and is mainly made of ABS. It is recommend for CQB use though there is a more compact SL Franchi SAS 12 Short which is tri-shot. The Shooting Pyro gives his take.

ASG B&T USW-A1 Gas Blowback Gameplay


Pinker got the licensed ASG B&T USW-A1 Gas Blowback to try and give his impressions in this video... "Today Jordan presented me with the USW-A1 from ASG to try out. He very kindly wanted me to give it a try so here's the content using that weapon and a little bit of a review.

I do highly rate this product and might get one in my arsenal in the future!"

Timerzanov Airsoft: ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 ATEK AEG


Due to popular demand, Timerzanov Airsoft finally does a review of the licensed ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 ATEK AEG... "Hi there ! After asking me for it so much, I finally offer you the review of a CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 from ASG, and so I present to you today the ATEK version, which has the kit of the same name but mounted this time from origin . This compact replica of the Czech submachine gun is the perfect replica of the real weapon, made in Denmark for the ASG (Action Sport Game) brand.

Airsoft Skin Zone On The ASG Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle


L'antre du Dingo is back with another Airsoft Skin Zone session, with the ASG Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle the victim of his skinning efforts. Airsoft Skin Zone allows airsoft players to do changes on their airsoft guns without going through the traditional way of doing a paintjob. It uses polymer type adhesives are protected by an anti-UV and anti-scratch lamination for an optimum lifespan.

ASG CZ P09 Optics Ready At The Range


The Airsoft Headquarters takes the ASG CZ P09 Optics Ready CO2 Blowback Pistol to the range to see what it can do. This pistol follows the trend of optics ready handguns for competition shooting as well as faster target acquisition in tactical situations. This comes with a rear mounted optics plate, lightening cuts in the full metal slide, raised sights, and a threaded barrel ready for using suppressors or tracer units.

ASG Bersa Thunder 9 PRO NBB Pistol


Quick presentation by ASG of their licensed Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Non-Blowback Pistol... "Originally developed BERSA, as a military/law-enforcement sidearm, the Thunder® Pro HC was built to perform under adverse conditions and provide decisive stopping power. This is a semi-automatic 6 mm Airsoft version fully licensed by BERSA. It is powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge stored in the grip using the easy-load system and the BB's are put in a removable stick magazine.

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