Airsoft PDW Battery Fitment


In their Tech Tuesday video, Airsoft Master shows how to fit a battery into a PDW AEG... "Yes! I know we all seen issues with PDW'S and how difficult it is to pick a battery for your PDW! Well why don't we solve this issue with Dr. Mike G in the house for Airsoft Master! We use the ARP 9 1.0, Kwa Eve 4, and Specna Arms C25 pdw AEG rifles as our benchmark test on certain PDW airsoft electric rifles. Check out these test fitment on 11.1 or 7.4 lipo batteries on these rifles!

"What Battery Will Fit Best In Your Replica?"


Leszek talks about the popular airsoft battery models from Electro River that can best fit your airsoft gun in this Gunfire video... "Electro River is a new quality on the LiPo package market. This manufacturer set itself the task of creating a product whose quality matches the best players on the battery market while maintaining an attractive price. The offer includes very capacious packages as well as those designed with limited space for power supply in mind - even packages the size of a lighter!

Begadi Sport MOD 5k AEG Battery Installation


A quick video from Begadi showing how to install a battery into the Begadi Sport MOD 5k AEG. In the fifth iteration of the Begadi Sport series, they have incorporated feedback from their customers. The series now comes equipped with our PRO HopUp Bucking and Tensioner, enabling the use of heavier BBs (0.28 - 0.32g recommended) without any need for tuning.

Stop Clipping Your Battery Cables


Are you the airsofter player who cuts the battery cables when opening the AEG for repair or maintenance? Maxy Meanderings got something you might want to know that can help you avoid doing it... "Please, I beg of you! Stop cutting your battery cables to remove the upper receiver. I have a solution for your woes!"

Airsoft Helden Visits GensAce For Batteries


Airsoft Helden drops by GensAce which he says supplies the best airsoft batteries... "Friends, we visited our friends from GensAce and we promise you, in the video you will learn something you probably didn't know before.

Which company should we visit next? Write it in the comments."

Softair Zone Beginner's Guide Part 1: Batteries + Chargers


For German language speakers and about to embark in their airsoft adventure, Softair Zone got a guide for them and they start with batteries and chargers... "We would like to briefly explain the many new members of our Airsoft community and especially the youngsters who start with Airsoft from the age of 14 something about batteries, chargers and function. Which battery do I need? What is NimH, Li-Po or Li-Fe and what can each charger do. What should I definitely not do!

When 7.4 feels like 11.1 On A NGRS


Airsoft Lab explains that you can eke out more performance from a 7.4v battery with a Tokyo Marui NGRS... "Who said that you can’t get extreme performance with a 7.4?  Here’s an example of a fully upgraded TM NGRS we recently built demonstrated with a 7.4 1200mah.

  • Jefftron Leviathan
  • Warhead motor
  • Full fps softair on Airseal
  • Prometheus gears


Calculating NiMh Battery Charging Time


In this episode of Taiwan Gun's Airsoft Manuals series, they talk about calculating charging time of NiMH batteries for airsoft... "Another one of our Manuals, this time one of the most popular questions. How to calculate the time of charging for the NiMh battery. Everything you need to know in one short movie. Enjoy!

How to calculate the charging time of NiMh airsoft battery:

Softair Zone: Batteries For CYMA AEPs


Softair Zone talk about the various batteries that they have available and can be used with the AEP line up of CYMA... "We would like to use the CYMA CM030 to show you what kind of power-up batteries we have in the shop for the AEP models from CYMA. Whether classic or Gen.3 MOSFET, here you will find a battery with more power for every CYMA."

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