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Airsoft Mike: WELL G12 MAC-11 CO2

Just listen to the sound of that, it's sweet. Airsoft Mike checks out the WELL G12 MAC-11 CO2 Blowback Machine Pistol in this video... "This the WELL G12 Mac-11 CO2 Blowback powerhouse! It's compact, famous in movies and games, but how does this Airsoft version compare? Join me as I take it through its paces!"

New Xtreme Training Pistol From APS

APS Conception announce a new CO2 blowback airsoft pistol, the APS Xtreme Training Pistol (Pistol), that can withstand the rough and tumble game of ours... "APS XTP System – A new system that will change your mind about APS. APS has long been famous in its Co2 pistol honored by its excellent accuracy, stable velocity and high efficiency on gas consumption. ACP first GBB Pistol was launched in 2012. We focused on developing gas operated pistol and now we are one of a major brand in airsoft industry.

Tokyo Marui AK47 Type 3 NEG Review

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez does a full review with shooting tests with the new Tokyo Marui AK47 Type 3 New Generation AEG with Blowback and Recoil... "After several years without a new versionn of their AK 'next gen' (to understand with hindsight!) and stopping production of the model AK74MN (which returns in 2018!), Tokyo Marui surprised us with an AK47 Type 3.

The Heresy Group: Tokyo Marui AKS74U

The Heresy Group also gets to review one of our favourtie AK AEGs the Tokyo Marui AKS74U NEG... "A true classic faithfully reproduced by TM, the AK47 sports a solid stock that accommodates a large battery. Cycling the metal charging handle is pure music. Metal parts include barrel assembly, magazine, bolt, trigger, firing selector and range adjustable sights. Find our full review in our reviews section. Metal sling mounts allow attachment of sling. Accommodates a large battery in Fixed stock.

BOLT Airsoft AK74U EBB & Recoil

Another video giving us another quick peek of the upcoming BOLT Airsoft AK with the BRSS. Tomy Lee of BOLT Airsoft says this AK BRSS will be released next month. If you are looking for alternatives to the Marui AK Blowback and Recoil AEGs, this offering from BOLT Airsoft should do, and it will be more affordable.

Secutor Gladius Custom Vs. Acta Non Verba

0'20 Magazine compares a Secutor Gladius Custom to the new Secutor Gladius Acta Non Verba. The Acta Non Verba is a Gas and CO2 Blowback Pistol that was just released with the Custom version being the same pistol that is equipped with more accessories. SKWAirsoft distributes the Secutor Arms airsoft line.

Mach Sakai: TM AK-47 NEG Review

Mach Sakai does a full review of the AK-47 Blowback and Recoil AEG from Tokyo Marui, This is based on AK-47 Type III and has improvements as compared to the older AK blowback and recoil AEGs from Tokyo Marui. He checks it for externals and operations as well see how it performs in a steel challenge.

APS Shark Full Auto CO2 Pistol Review

Airsoft Review en Español does a review and tests on the new APS Shark Full Auto CO2. Just out in the market it has a full auto mode that can quickly emty the magazine in under 2.5 seconds. It is part of the D-MOD Series of airsoft pistols from APS which they named after insects and predators.

WELL G917 Airsoft Pistol Review

Nathan Flynn reviews the G917 CO2 Blowback Pistol made by WELL.. "In Today's Video I Review A Surprisingly Solid Pistol From The Company WELL. This pistol is a G197 which is a Glock replica and performs quite nicely especially for 80 Euros. It’s CO2 powered and very hard-kicking."

Secutor Gladius 17 Custom Pre-Order

SKW Airsoft are now taking reservations for the Secutor Arms Gladius 17 Custom Gas & CO2 Pistol in Bronze and Navy Grey colours... "Both models include all the internal and external improvements of this Gladius second generation, besides an exclusive edition of spare parts. It comes with aCompensator, High mount to use an RMR, RMR installed, and RMR battery."