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RWA Nighthawk Custom Warhawk IWA 2018

Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft with Mark Stone of Nighthawk Custom and they talk about the RWA Nighthawk Custom Warhawk Airsoft Pistol during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in Nuremberg Germany. The RWA Nighthawk Custom Pistol Series has one of the hard kicking and well-built airsoft pistols in the market these days.

EMG SAI BLU At Bunny Workshop

As expected, Bunny Workshop now got both the Gas and CO2 versions of the new EMG SAI BLU Training Pistol. Fully licensed from Salient Arms International this has all the markings and designs of SAI. This has a durable lower frame and machined aluminium slide. It has interchangeable backstraps to and is faithfully reproduced in fine details of the real deal SAI BLU.

Secutor Rudis Acta Non Verba Review

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez reviews the new pistol from Secutor Arms, the Ruds Acta Non Verba and is available right now at authorised resellers in Europe... "Once again Secutor is in da Lair! This time with the new Rudis Acta Non Verba. Thanks to Destockage Games, you can get a discount* until Feb 23rd by using the code RANVDINGO."

LCT AK AEG With Recoil & Blowback

It looks like BOLT Airsoft is not the only Taiwan-based airsoft manufacturer making their own AK AEG with blowback and recoil. In a video posted by the Kevin Lin, the CEO of LCT Airsoft, he gives a dry fire demo of an LCT AK AEG with blowback and recoil features. Both look impressive, especially the kick of the AEG.

This makes LCT Airsoft to be third company to feature blowback and recoil in an AK AEG and that means even more choices for airsoft players world wide.

BadaBingPictures: TM AK47 NEG Review

BadaBingPictures review the latest in the New Generation Blowback and Recoil AEG from Tokyo Marui, the AK-47 Type 3 NEG... "In my latest review, I take a look at Tokyo Marui’s new AK47 Type III Next Generation Recoil AEG. I had such a blast putting this video together and recreating a scene from the Nicholas Cage movie ‘Lord Of War’."

Infamous Airsoft: 1911 SRC Airsoft Gameplay

Infamous Airsoft covers the SRC SR1911 MEU Gas Blowback Pistol for this gameplay and review video. This pistol is available for a good number of years now and has a zinc alloy slide and frame. It has an initial muzzle velocity of 300fps and has a full metal outer barrel, realistic blowback action and comes in a hard case.

Bunny Workshop: EMG SAI BLU In Stock

Looking where to find the EMG SAI Blu Airsoft Training Pistol? Bunny Workshop announced that they have both the CO2 and Gas Blowback versions available now... "EMG has furthered their collaboration with Salient Arms International with the long awaited EMG BLU. Designed closely with the geniuses at SAI, the EMG / SAI BLU is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible offering shooters and enthusiasts the most realistic training analog available.

Tokyo Marui G36C NEG Shoot Test

Timothy Lam does a two part video of the Tokyo Marui G36C NEG which is available in the markert for years now... "Normally, the Tokyo Marui G36c Recoil Shock comes with a metal top flat rail, 50 round magazine with fake bullets, stubby foregrip, stock with cheek riser/rest, rubber pistol grip, metal flashhider, and 3 long front handguard rails straight out of the box. However, I took all of these things off and installed a standard JG G36c top rail with the iron sights.

RWTV SHOT Show 2018: RWA Agent1

Now we get to hear from the horse's mouth, RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) tells us more about the RWA Agent1 Airsoft Pistol that is on display at the SHOT Show 2018. This pistol is based on the Agent1 pistol that is a collaboration between Agency Arms and Nighthawk Customs, which already have their separate products licensed by RWA.

Diles46: Elite Force H&K VP9 CO2 Review

Diles46 gives his take on the H&K VP9 CO2 Pistol, which is fully licensed from Umarex and carried by Elite Force in the USA... "The Elite Force ,  Umarex USA, H&K VP9 Co2 blowback AIRSOFT Pistol REVIEW. SOLID SHOOTER. Adjustable Hop-up, metal slide, co2 power blow back and only $95 usd. Deal! A cheap and affordable airsoft co2 blow back pistol!"