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LCT LCK Electric Blowback AK Sneak Peek

LCT Airsoft have announced previously that they will be making electric blowback AK AEGs and here is a sneak peek of the product which will also be available as a kit for owners of LCT AK AEGs... "Take a look first ~ LCT AK new experience to enjoy the thrill of electric gun recoil, bursts of more than 1 minute! LCT AK EBB will be listed on October, compatible with LCT AK Kit Sneak peek!! Brand-new feeling from LCT AK. Enjoy the blow back on AEG, continue to auto-mode shooting for one minute.

Evike: Elite Force 1911 TAC Gen 3 CO2

Matt shows you the 3rd Gen 1911 Tac CO2 Blowback Pistol from Elite Force available at This has a full metal frame and slide, with integrated 20mm accessory rail, ideal for mounting weapon lights or laser aiming units. The front and rear slide cocking serrations along with combat style sights provide a tactical appearance. It also has textured polymer grips, bobbed commander style hammer, and CO2 powered magazine operates on common 12g CO2 cartridges.

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui RECCE Rifle NEG

The Tokyo Marui RECCE Rifle with the new generation electric blowback and recoil feature is back in the airsoft market again. This comes with officially licensed Daniel Defense furniture and is available in Black and Tan colour. Mach Sakai gets his hands on one to check it for accuracy and performance, as always.

Evike: APS Shark Full Auto Predator got in stock the APS Shark CO2 Blowback Pistol. For those who love full auto goodness in airsoft pistols, the APS Shark should be able to deliver satisfaction to you. It gives around 300fps initial muzzle velocity on 0.20g BBs and at full auto, it will dispense 23 BBs in 2.5 seconds from its magazine. Handy when you need to deliver more BBs at on target quickly in a game.

DesertFox Airsoft: A Century Of Updates

DesertFox Airsoft's unboxing video features the EMG Salient Arms International (SAI) DS 2011 Gas Blowback Pistol. In stock at and other authorised dealers, this is based on the double stock SAI DAS 2011 pistol... "Today we're taking a look at the EMG Salient Arms DS 2011. This airsoft gun can be powered by either green gas or co2. The version I have is powered by green gas."

DesertFox Airsoft At Operation Uprising 4

DesertFox Airsoft goes to play at the Operation Uprising 4 armed with the S&T PPSh-41 EBB with a Drum Magazine... "Today I'm playing at Hill 559 for Operation: Uprising 4. The airsoft gun I am using is the S&T PPSH 41 electric blow back AEG or automatic electric gun. With the S&T PPSH-41 is a 2,000 BB drum magazine.

This was the only magazine I had for this gun and there are no mid caps available for it yet."

APS SHARK Pistol Review Sneak Peek

Master Chief posts a quick preview of his upcoming review on the APS Shark Airsoft Pistol. This is CO2-powered blowback pistol that has a full auto feature. This has a steel hammer and just like most APS pistols, it is a D-Mod pistol. The review will be posted soon on Popular Airsoft.

Elite Force Glock Overview By ASGI

More and more airsoft retailers are now getting their deliveries of the full licensed airsoft Glock pistols and Airsoft GI is one of them. Here is their overview video... "The wait is finally over! Cisco and Mike take a look at the newest OFFICIALLY LICENSED Glock 17 & Glock 19 pistols by Elite Force!"

Toronto Airsoft: KWC M92 KCB 23

Rarely do you encounter the name of KWC these days. Well, the company is happy to be an OEM for some of the sought after blowback pistols in the market these days. Those who are in the know can point out to you some of airsoft companies' hot sellers, which you may be surprised, are made by KWC.why KWC gets it right in this video featuring the KWC M92 KCB 23 CO Blowback Pistol.

DesertFox: ASG CZ-P09 Urban Grey

What are the changes done by ASG to the CZ-P09 CO2 Blowback Pistol? DesertFox Airsoft tells you what these are in this video... "Straight outta the box overview of the ASG CZ-P09 CO2 powered airsoft pistol in urban grey. This isn't a complete straight out of the box since I have used this gun before, however ASG has made some changes to the urban grey CZ-P09."