Is CO2 Destroying My Gas Blowback Rifle?


Always a debate of CO2 should be the standard power source for gas blowbacks. But also about CO2 damaging the present line of gas blowbacks. Tomi Harley talks about CO2 and Gas Blowbacks as based on his experience with this Vipertech in this video... "Going to show you what broke on my VIPERTECH.

There is a huge debate in the gbbr community on what is better green gas or CO2 and how CO2 will destroy your GBBR.

CO2 vs. Green Gas In Airsoft


Which do you prefer when using gas as a power source for airsoft? Is it CO2 or Green Gas? What's the advantage of one over the other? Slex touches on this topic in this MiR Tactical video... "The every day question, we get here at Mir Tactical is CO2 better then green gas? Finally Slex put it to the test."

Rossi C12 CO2 Airsoft Pistol


Rossi gives a complete presentation of their C12 CO2 Airsoft Pistol made in cooperation with WinGun... "Check out the full review of the Rossi C12 airsoft pistol. A novelty, which has already become a great success.

Features of this model:

HFC 6" Co2 Revolver At Gun Story


Gun Story present the HFC 6" Co2 Revolver that is in stock at their store... "Hello! This is Gunstory. This product we introduce is the 'HFC Revolver 6inch Silver Handgun'. It's a plastic model and is good value for money. It is a model you can feel to be well made."

DTW Airsoft: APS Bumblebee XX CO2 Pistol


DTW Airsoft checks out the Glock-like APS Bumblebee XX CO2 Blowback Pistol released as their 20th anniversary product... "This time i take a look at the APS Bumblebee XX. APS 20 year aniversary pistol that they released. They look like a glock but with a few differnces that to me doesnt make it a true glock. This is a CO2 powered blowback airsoft pistol that has a nice kick to it but a few downsides as well."

SIG Air Proforce M17 CO2 Blowback At Airsoft Station


Available at the Airsoft Station is the SIG Air Proforce M17 CO2 Blowback Pistol that can be ordered in store or online... "The world renowned team over at SIG SAUER dipped their hands into the airsoft market to produce an extremely accurate M17 replica. Constructed from a full metal top slide and polymer grip, this airsoft replica not only looks and feels authentic; it’s almost as durable as its real-steel counterpart.

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