Callsign Reach's SRU VSR-10 Sniper Rifle Build


Check this video from Callsign Reach if you like what he did with the VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle, customising it with the SRU kit... "And so it begins. Cyborg mercenary and airsoft enthusiast Reach has returned from a long hiatus with an overview of his personal SRU SNP-10, a customized VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle that resembles a man-portable railgun.

Nonocat 1 Minute Review: Armorer Works Deadpool 1911


Nonocat presents the Armorer Works/AW Custom Deadpool 1911 GBB Pistol that is of course, comes in Deadpool's red colour as well as showing the weather effect on the 1911 gas blowback pistol. It has the Deadpool markings as well. Better plan on getting the costume if you want to get one of these.

New Airsoftjunkiez Custom Hi-Capa Builds


More custom Hi-Capa airsoft pistol builds are featured in this video by Airsoftjunkiez. Then two pistols seen in the video show the "Ryan Reynolds" and "Spawn" builds and use the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 GBB Pistol as base guns. The second video is shooting test using HPA .28g Tracer Bio BBs with Primary Airsoft mag adapter.

Custom Sniper Builds At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez pushed out a series of custom sniper builds for the Christmas shoppers but if you learned about them after, don't worry they are still available to order. You can select from the BAR-10 JG with the Wolverine Bolt M, or the Silverback Airsoft SRS Custom build. These are HPA powered airsoft rifles as Airsoftjunkiez is highly specialised in HPA airsoft builds.

PStar 33g CGS Stock Custom Build


Airsoftjunkiez demonstrate a custom HPA rifle build using an old Dytac Warlord that is equipped with a PolarStar F2 with UGS CO2 Insert 33g... "Polarstar CO2 inserts are manufactured for both the UGS and CGS stocks and have models for both the 12g and 33g CO2 cartridges in either variant. However, the inserts have more uses than just being paired with one of these stocks.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom LCT AK74 HPA


Another custom HPA rifle from Airsoftjunkiez, equipping an LCT Airsoft AK74 with a PolarStar Airsoft F2 engine. But you can choose which engine to drop into the AEG when you order one. This has stamped steel receiver that replicates the look and feel of a real AK type rifle. Other features are real wood finish with high quality finish, polymer motor grip,  AK style side rail for AK/SVD style AK optic mounts, easy to adjust hop up, and djustable rear leaf sight.

Umarex/SFC Airsoft HK MP7A1 GBB


Some airsoft retailers add value to the products they are selling by pre-uprading them, convenient to some customs who prefer to upgrading their airsoft guns before using them. In this video BadaBingPictures show the Umarex/SFC Airsoft HK MP7A1 GBB... "SFC Airsoft sent me this KSC MP7A1 GBB SMG to review. They sell pre-upgraded airsoft guns, so all you have to do is load them and shoot!"

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