Airsoft Klub: Cybergun Desert Eagle GBB Pistol


Another look at the fully licensed and hefty hand cannon for airsoft, the Cybergun Desert Eagle GBB Pistol as presented  by Airsoft Klub. This is a CO2 powered GBB pistol with adjustable hop-up unit that gives a strong recoil when fired. It's got all the licensed markings and realistic stripping mechanism. Package comes with speedloader, magazine, and allen key apart from the pistol.

Deadpool Custom Desert Eagle At Bomb Up Airsoft


Licensed Desert Eagle GBB Pistol from Cybergun and made by WE that is given a Deadpool paintjob is available at Bomb Up Airsoft... "This IMI Desert Eagle custom Deadpool is a powerful Semi-automatic pistol designed by Israel Military Industries and redesigned by Magnum Research Inc, of the United States of America.

This is a 1:1 Ratio realistic gas blowback airsoft pistol that has been made by WE Airsoft and licensed by Cybergun.

LAS Desert Eagle 10" Metal Outer Barrel & Shroud


Give that Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle GBB Pistol the tiger look with this LAS Desert Eagle 10" Metal Outer Barrel & Shroud from Laylax... " The full metal aluminum alloy outer barrel and shroud make for an exceptionally powerful and intimidating feel. Utilize the 20mm Picatinny on the top and bottom of the shroud for all of your custom attachments!

Augment your desert eagle further for that hand cannon feel and look.

Repaired TM Desert Eagle GBB Test


Whilst Eagle6 Airsoft are known for fixing the Tokyo Marui NGRS, they also take care of the Marui gas blowbacks. In this video, they show a Marui Desert Eagle Gas Blowback being tested to ensure that their fix is good...

Bespoke Airsoft: Deadpool Desert Eagle


Deadpool fans might want to start placing pre-orders for this a biggie --- a Deadpool Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistol  and Bespoke Airsoft gets to take a look at it and it's not based on the WTF custom design... "I was lucky enough to be sent this advance sample of a new release coming soon. The Desert Eagle Deadpool Edition from Cybergun!"

Cybergun Desert Eagle GBB Pistols At Bang Bang


Cybergun Desert Eagle Pistols in Tiger Stripe or Gold bling are available at Bang Bang Big Boys Store in Hong Kong... "Biggest and one of the hardest kicking handguns. Fully licensed by Cybergun, you can expect it to have all the correct markings. It has a strong recoil spring, good for 355fps when using Green Gas. It comes with a 21 round green gas magazine."

Tokyo Marui Lightning Hawk GBB Pistol Review


L'Antre du Dingo does a review of longest GBB pistol available in the airsoft market, the Tokyo Marui Lightning Hawk .50AE GBB Pistol... "For the release of the 2019 reboot of Resident Evil 2 Capcom and Tokyo Marui collaborated once again to offer us a replica of one of the most powerful weapons in the game, the Desert Eagle Lightning Hawk. Thanks to Bamak for loaning this of his replica."

Airsoft Mike: Tokyo Marui Lightning Hawk .50AE


Airsoft Mike unboxes and reviews the Tokyo Maui Lightning Hawk .50AE designed for the Resident Evil RE2 video game. What players will like with this pistol is that it is like getting a two for 1 package. It comes with the parts that allow you convert it back to a Desert Eagle .50AE GBB Pistol... "Here it is! The Limited Edition Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Lightning Hawk! The one from Kendo's shop in Resident Evil 2 Remake! The Lightning Hawk is a hybrid setup using both the standard 6-inch or the 10-inch slide assembly.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Review


Airsoft CamMan takes a look of a very hefty GBB pistol to carry, the Magnum Research Desert Eagle... "SWIT Airsoft sent me over one of my most favourite pistols. The Magnum Researches  Desert Eagle (BB gun). This is the Cybergun Licensed version by WE. Not only is it in my opinion one of the most beautiful pistols made. I also found it performs excellently too.

Gun Gamers On The WE Desert Eagle


WE Airsoft hand cannons, or the Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistols which is available in Black and Chrome gets the scrutiny of Gun Gamers in this quick video review... "Today on Gun Gamers, teammate Andy AKA 'Lunk' gives his thoughts on the WE-Tech Desert Eagle airsoft pistol... both of them!"

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