Matt's Blindfolded Reaction To The LCT Airsoft RPD AEG


Another round of Evike Matt's doing a reaction video to an airsoft gun whilst blindfolded. Will he quickly guess the LCT Airsoft RPD AEG? Watch the video... "The RPD is a 7.62mm light machine gun developed in the Soviet Union by Vasily Degtyaryov for the intermediate 7.62x39mm M43 cartridge. It was created as a replacement for the DP machine gun chambered for the 7.62x54mmR round.

Matt Reacts to the Modify PP2K GBB Blindfolded


Watch the video to find in this new episode of reactions by Matt if he can guess correctly the Modify-Tech PP2K GBB SMG which is available at whilst blindfolded... "This is based on the classic Russian PP-2000, the PP-2K has been revived in an airsoft replica that is sure to be a rage among players favoring Russian guns.

Evike x CYMA Limited Edition M4 M-LOK 8.5" AEG


Evike Europe gives a quick view of the Evike x CYMA Limited Edition M4 M-LOK 8.5" AEG that is available at their online store... "M4 M-LOK 8.5" AEG replica by Evike Custom and Cyma. A custom based on the CM.097D with a customized Cerakote paintjob in Night Desert camouflage with exclusive engraving on the body. A great choice to go with your ND parka, for a loadout mixing modern en retro elements."

2022 Evike Outpost Houston & High Ground Airsoft Grand Opening Event


Here is the official video of the 2022 Evike Outpost Houston and High Ground Airsoft Grand Opening Event that took place last month. This is the new venue for High Ground Airsoft in Houston and with an Evike Outpost, airsoft players get to purchase airsoft guns and gear from on site.

"Will Airsoft Guns Work In Space?"


Ever wondered if an airsoft gun is brought into outer space, will it work? Will it be in the same principle like Call of Duty's Ghosts Space Shoot out? In episode 169 of, "Not So Round Table" (NSRT) Talk Show, the Evike TV crew talk about it and answer questions sent in by their viewers.

Evike Europe: What is Airsoft?


In one of the first videos from the Evike Europe YouTube Channel, they start with talking about what our hobby is about... "Hello everyone and welcome on Evike Europe Studios' YouTube channel !

You heard about Airsoft somewhere and you don't know what it means ? Or you're getting interested in it but need more information on how it is practiced ?

This video is made for you !

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