Wiley X WX Grid Glasses In Stock At Military 1st


The Wiley X WX Grid Glasses are in stock now at the Military 1st online store... "Stay in motion with the extraordinary Wiley X WX Grid sunglasses! Featuring a unique and dynamic design, they have a sleek frame with rubberised temples and nose pads, ensuring a secure and slip-free fit. Plus, a removable Facial Cavity Seal provides added comfort by blocking unwanted irritants.

With its edgy flair and secure fit, Wiley X WX Grid shades offer high-performance protection, keeping your peripheral view crystal clear and safeguarding your eyes with 100% UVA/UVB protective lenses. 

Wiley X WX Vapor Glasses In Stock At Military 1st


Wiley X WX Vapor Glasses are available now at the Military 1st online store and this meets the standard required for eye protection... "Say goodbye to ill-fitting eyewear and hello to ultimate comfort and versatility. Wiley X WX Vapor glasses have an adjustable nose piece that perfectly fits any face shape or nose bridge.

Experience the power of interchangeable shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate lenses coupled with anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings. No more blurry vision or annoying scratches to hinder your view!

Wiley X WX Ovation Glasses At Military 1st


In stock right now is the Wiley X WX Ovation Glasses at Military 1st's online store... "Lightweight and versatile Wiley X WX Ovation Glasses come with shatterproof Selenite lenses, supertough Triloid Nylon frames and removable Side Shields.

A perfect fusion of crystal-clear vision, maximum protection and everyday wearability, these sunglasses are an excellent option for individuals seeking a single pair that can adapt to different settings.

Bolle GUNFIRE 2.0 Protective Eyewear


New release from Bolle that airsoft players may want to consider when looking for a new pair of eye pro, the GUNFIRE 2.0 with interchangeable lens... "The ideal kit for shooting enthusiasts. STANAG 4296 & ANSI Z87.1 certified, the GUNFIRE comes with interchangeable temples & a mono lens system. Clear, Smoke or Copper (indoor/outdoor), the GUNFIRE has the exclusive PLATINUM antifog and anti-scratch coating as standard.

Wiley X WX Trek Glasses At Military 1st


Military 1st announce that the Wiley X WX Trek Glasses are in stock now at their online store... "Wiley X WX Trek Glasses have a modern, rectangular silhouette, Captivate Polarised Blue Mirror lenses, rubberised nose pads and removable Side Shields.

Equal parts performance and style, these sunglasses are perfect for trekking or strolling down the street.

Military 1st Eyewear Sale 2022


Grab a pair of new shades, eye protection or ballistic glasses at a discounted price as Military 1st are holding an eyewear sale right now... "We offer 10% off all sunglasses, goggles, and eyewear accessories with Discount Code EYE10.

Sunglasses are welcome addition during any outdoor activity no matter the season and an absolute essential in summer. 

Wiley X WX Peak Glasses Available At Military 1st


Product news sent in by Military 1st is the availability of the Wiley X WX Peak Glasses at their online store... "The Wiley X WX Peak Glasses have a sleek, square design and feature a comfortable, flexible rubber nose pad and a lightweight, high-wrap frame that prevents blinding sunbeams from sneaking through peripheral vision and obstructing your view.

Muddy Reviews: Gatorz Magnum Polarized Sunglasses


Watch the video if Muddy Reviews recommends the Gatorz Magnum Polarized Sunglasses as your next eye pro purchase... "Hey everybody welcome to another Muddy Review,  In this episode, we cover the Gatorz Magnum glasses.

I got these Gatorz as a replacement from my old Magnums that have seen better days. These were a birthday present from the wife and kids and were picked up during their recent memorial day sale.

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