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Are The New G&P Guns Good For You?

This is an insight on the demand for G&P products in the German airsoft market. Sniper AS talks about the brand in this video... "Hey guys, the G& P brand almost disappeared from the German market a few years ago. Why? Well, G&P was already a very expensive brand that has not changed much over time. That means little innovation and little progress. That's why the demand was always lower, despite the fact that the G&P weapons were really well processed.

"The Most Compact AEG, EVER"

Know more about the unique G&P Transformer AEG which is available at It is a unique concept as the AEG can be taken apart quickly for storage or even changing its length. No other airsoft mannufacturer offers the same approach to their products...

WGC: G&P EMG SAI Kit For Marui MWS

Spruce up your Tokyo Marui M4 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle with this G&P SAI Kit for Marui MWS M4 GBBR. Fully licensed by EMG, this has been given the Cerakote treatment to give it a different and nice colour scheme.

Airsoftology: G&P's Transformer M4 AEG

Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs is next to give his take on the G&P Transformer M4 AEG. This is a unique M4 AEG as it has patent pending Transformer quick detach system allowing you to configure the length of you AEG as well as break it down for easy storage and transportation. It also comes with Strike Industries-style parts such as the motor grip and the Viper Mod1 stock. This also has an AUG-style rotary hop-up. On The G&P Transformer

It's actually a cool innovation, the G&P M4 Transformer. With the quick change in the front end withou needing much modifications, provided that you use Transformer compatible parts, it is a unique feature for this new generation G&P M4 AEGs and it is high time they did this as some airsoft players are getting bored of the usual M4 AEG releases from the company.

WGC: G&P SAI Slide Kit For EMG BLU

You can upgrade the externals of your EMG SAI BLU gas blowback pistol with this G&P SAI Steel Slide Kit made for it. It is available now at WGC Shop... "G&P SAI Steel Slide Kit for EMG BLU is fully licensed by EMG / Salient Arms International.

Red Ivan Airsoft: G&P MK18 Mod 1 AEG

Whilst waiting for the release of the newly unveile Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod1 NEG, you might want to know that are already some existing in the airsoft market, albeit without the recoil and blowback. Here is Red Ivan Airsoft showing us the G&P CQBR Sopmod II MK18 Mod 1... "In this video we'll talk about G&P CQBR Sopmod block II (MK18 Mod 1). We will discuss packaging, internals and externals of this AEG and, of course, we will talk about its history."

G&P Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II Review

Airsoftology reviews what will be having available for airsoft players this month, the G&P Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II AEG. Fully licensed from Daniel Defense with the all the markings it has a Cerakote Finish with the 20mm Rail. It has a quick spring system without needing to open the G&P i5 Version 2 Gearbox with 8mm bearings. It has MOSFET for the trigger and electronic selector swithc and has an integrated battery cut-off preventing the use of batteries below 9.6v.

G&P-PolarStar R3 HPA At

Check the Complete G&P-PolarStar R3 HPA Powered Airsoft Rifles now available at "Who needs air-lines when you have The ALL NEW G&P / Polarstar R3 HPA Powered Airsoft System! This All-In-One system incorporates excellent Polarstar Jack HPA performance and sleek G&P design with a brilliantly designed air-stock that does away with the air-line completely!

How Does The G&P Transformer Work?

If you are still confused on how the G&P Transformer System works, here is Cesar of 0'20 Magazine to show you how it works. Not to be confused with the ICS Airsoft Transform4 system, the G&P system allows one to change the front end quickly, allowing one to transfer the M4 AEG from a long rifle to a compact CQB airsoft gun.