G&P FN Herstal M249 Para AEG Review


We get to see again the M249 Para AEG made by G&P in this video review by Timerzanov Airsoft... "The M249 PARA is the modified version of the FN Minimi for the US Army. It is a light machine gun designed in the 1970s by FN HERSTAL. It uses the same type of ammunition as assault rifles, making it less powerful than heavy machine guns. However, it has the advantage of being less bulky and more mobile in the field.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom G&P Stoner M63A1 HPA LMG Is Back


Those who have been waiting for the Airsoftjunkiez Custom G&P Stoner M63A1 HPA LMG to be available again, it is now back in limited quantities. This has a heavy duty steel & aluminum construction with a 20mm rail on top of feed cover allows for easy mounting of optics. The railed handguard allows for easy mounting of tactical accessories and the reinforced metal gearbox w/ steel gears, spring guide, and 8mm bearings.

Cybergun, G&P S&T M203 Airsoft Launcher Comparison


TactiCool Unboxing Brother does a comparison of some of the existing M203 airsoft launchers in the market... "The classic launcher loved by gun fans, theater fans, military fans and game fans, got their airsoft versions in three length versions and are reviewed in one comparison showing installation and connection, operation demonstration of the offerings from G&P, S&T, and Cybergun."

"My Struggles With The G&P MK46"


E House of Gun Gamers talks about his problems with the G&P MK45 AEG in this video... "In today's video, Eric describes the problems he's had with his G&P Mk46, and how he finally managed to get it to a point where it's usable! (Hopefully!)  Hopefully this is a lemon gun, and not representative of the issues you can expect on all examples, and hopefully G&P fixes these issues in the newly announced DX version!"

English Kiwi: Upgrading The G&P M14 DMR


We get to watch English Kiwi again as he services a G&P M14 DMR AEG in this video. It's been some time since we last saw this AEG... "This week we're looking at the general service and upgrade work I've done on Scott's bootsale purchase, a G&P M14 DMR."

Salty Old Gamer: G&P M16A1 Vietnam AEG


The Salty Old Gamer reviews the G&P M16A1 Vietnam AEG that comes with the three-pronged flash hider... "We're taking an in depth look at G&P's M16A1 VN, a Vietnam Era Airsoft AEG that we recently received in an Evike's Box of Awesomeness. Check out this review to see if this high tier airsoft AEG may be exactly what you're after for your Vietnam Era impressionist kit."

Sniper-AS: G&P M4 Transformer AEG


Sniper-AS feature the versatile G&P Transformer AEG that allows you to reconfigure it quickly depending on the game site... "Hey guys, today I introduce you to the MTFC Transformer. This comes directly from G&P and is, as usual for G&P, very high quality. Compared to other airsoft weapons, the Transformer is characterized by the fast running change. G&P even patented this innovation. How it beats and more details you can see in this video."

BB2K Airsoft: G&P Transformer M4 AEG


It's the turn of Bruce of BB2K Airsoft to tell us what he thinks of the G&P Transformer M4 AEG, the AEG with a quick detach frontend... "The Transformer M4 with the ingenious quick-change system (M.T.F.C. Multi-Task Force Change) comes with a high-quality case, an 8-inch and 12-inch Cutter Brake QD front set and a Midcap magazine.

How To Switch Programs On G&P i5 Gearboxes


In this video of RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV), Gambit shows you how to program the G&P i5 Gearboxes allowing you to configure how your AEG will fire... "For this demo, Gambit is using the G&P Transformer. The following is the G&P i5 Gearbox Programming Sequence:

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