The G&P Stoner 63 Is The Best Airsoft LMG?


The BB Warriror takes a look at the G&P M63A1 Railed Stoner Airsoft LMG if it is the best LMG in the airsoft market. Based on Eugene Stoner's design, this airsoft version seems to be out of production and mainly out of stock at retailers. If you want, chances are, you may be able to get one in the secondhand market.

The BB Warrior On The G&P Stoner M63A1 AEG


The BB Warrior is excited about unboxing the G&P Stoner M63A1 AEG, which is expected since it is the only M63A1 AEG in the market. This has a one-piece CNC barrel, has heavy duty steel & aluminium construction and equipped with rails so you can mount the accessories you want to get you going. For the firepower, it comes with a 1,200-BB round box magazine.

G&P Free Float Recoil System M4 at Airsoft Sports


Next up for Airsoft Sports to present to interested customers is the G&P Free Float Recoil System M4 AEG that they have in stock... "G&P is one of the leading airsoft manufacturers in the premium segment. License markings and the highest quality of materials have long been the hallmarks of the company. G&P products are airsoft guns for the most sophisticated and demanding players who value copy, premium quality and high quality."

Mach Sakai With The G&P M4A1 Sentry MAGPUL AEG


For those who miss VLTOR Weapons System accessories on their airsoft guns, there is still that option with G&P. In this review by Mach Sakai, the G&P M4A1 Sentry MAGPUL AEG which can be useful as a primary for CQB and built-up areas. The gearbox is an 8mm version and comes with a 14mm positive thread. It also features he VLTOR MUR receiver and stock.

Timerzanov Airsoft's Fully Upgraded G&P M249 AEG


Timerzanov Airsoft shows off this fully upgraded G&P M29 AEG which can be a beast in giving support in the field... "Hi there ! FINALLY ! Here it is ! I finally present to you my M249 Para G&P full upgrade by Gearbox Custom Airsoft alias@Vinc AAB! It will have taken time but you will discover throughout this video that it was worth the wait! And for this video, Vincent himself came to my house in Normandy to present it to you in this video. Thanks to him for this remarkable work!"

Airsoftjunkiez Custom G&P Stoner M63A1 HPA LMG


A quick demonstration of another HPA custom gun from Airsoftjunkiez. The Airsoftjunkiez Custom G&P Stoner M63A1 HPA LMG has heavy duty steel & aluminum construction with a 20mm rail on top of feed cover allows for easy mounting of optics. The Railed handguard allows for easy mounting of tactical accessoriesReinforced metal gearbox with steel gears, spring guide, and 8mm bearings. It has one-piece CNC machined aluminum outer barrel

G&P Stoner M63A1 SAW AEG At Airsoftjunkiez


Available at Airsoftjunkiez and probably will be out of stock very soon is the G&P Stoner M63A1 SAW AEG. This AEG has a heavy duty steel and aluminium construction with a 20mm rail on top of feed cover allows for easy mounting of optics. The railed handguard allows for easy mounting of tactical accessories whilst the reinforced metal gearbox has steel gears, spring guide, and 8mm bearings.

HFC M11A1 Ingram With G&P Steel Kit


Another look at the HFC M11A1 Ingram which is a good airsoft machine pistol that uses Green Gas as power source. This spits out 20-21 BBs per second and has threaded barrel for M11 style airsoft barrel extensions. Hedis got one that has G&P Steel Kitt for a video review done in Korean.

G&P AEGs Available Now At Land Warrior Airsoft


Land Warrior Airsoft sent in news that they have G&P AEGs available at their shop... "One of the big 'old' names in airsoft that has stood the test of time, with determination not to compromise on quality, G&P has gained the loyalty of airsoft and military-equipment enthusiasts all across the world.

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