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Magpul Field Case For Samsung Galaxy S8

Just like the Field Case for the iPhone 8, Magpul are now shipping the Field Case for the Samsung Galaxy S8... "The Magpul Field Case for the Samsung GALAXY S8 is a semi-rigid cover designed to provide basic protection in the field. Made from a flexible thermoplastic, the Field Case features PMAG®-style ribs for added grip, snap-on design for easy installation and removal, and slides easily in and out of pockets without snagging.

Airsoft Mike: Galaxy G31D Barrett M82A1

Airsoft Mike checks out the budget Galaxy G31D or the Galaxy's airsoft version of the Barrett M82A1... "This is the first in a mini series of airsoft videos where I unbox and test out the cheaper end of the hobby/sport that we love! And today's one is HUGE! Its Airsoft on a budget!

ASTKilo23 Gun Talk: Galaxy SP5K

The Galaxy SP5K or the MP5K AEG is still in the market as ASTKilo23 was able to get one for use in an airsoft game. Here is a video of him talking about the AEG... "Picked up a Galaxy MP5K at ForestFire Airsoft when Fieldworthy Airsoft came to hold a raffle at our game. Neat little guns and am slowly turning it into a fun sidearm."

New Products In Stock At Tiger111HK

The latest product updates from Tiger111HK. They announced the availability of the WE Glock 18C Gas Blowback Pistol in Standard and Gen 4 versions. These have the full-auto mode, and hard kick features plus G18C and WE Markings. Also in this update is the King Arms Colt M4 RIS and the Galaxy G.5 Metal Gearbox Hybrid Stock AEGs.

Pinoy Airsoft Evolution 4 Video Review: Galaxy G.5K

Small and spunky. Galaxy and MP5K, is that an oxymoron? Can a gun that fits in a briefcase really do the business? Read on.


Galaxy MP5K PDW Take Down Videos

Another video take from the Airsoft Combat Enthusiasts (ACE) Brigade's leading airsoft gunsmith, Bulletproof_mike. This is a video of taking down the Galaxy G5 (MP5K PDW) and how to upgrade it to taking a 9.6V battery to achieve a higher ROF. For those who are encountering problems for their Galaxy MP5K and PDWs, this is a must see video as it will be helpful in fixing and maintaining these babies.



KART M14 EBR on Pre-Order and Galaxy G7 In Stock At Landwarrior Airsoft

Landwarrior Airsoft is now taking pre-orders for the KART M14 EBR... "Kart are our new best friends! Not only content with being the first to bring out an excellent M14 Socom they now blow everyone else out of the water with the Mk 14 EBR! This gives the G&P kit a fair run for it's money. Essentially copying everything except the heartache of building it! The EBR is an updated M14.

Gunner Airsoft: Galaxy G5M Now In Stock

The latest Galaxy MP5 model is now available in Hong Kong and Gunner Airsoft has it on stock... "This MP5K Replica is an exact TM copy, comes with 1 long hi-cap magazine and 1 low cap short magazine, Powerful and smooth. Don't hesitate to buy some JG hi cap magazine for it, it is much better than the hi cap comes with the gun." This MP5 model comes with a comfortable-looking M4 stock and rails to mount accessories.

Galaxy G5 MP5 PDW: Cute Li`l Devil

The Galaxy HK series is Galaxy's introductory line of airsoft guns. Altogether, the company has focused on producing the Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) category releasing three HK models: the MP5 PDW, the MP5K, and the MP7. I have the MP5 PDW and the MP7 since I prefer having foldable or retractable stock. My smaller size is also a factor since I'm just 5 feet and 5 inches, and weighing roughly 130lbs. Galaxy must have thought about me when it released its line of AEGs.

Galaxy MP5 PDW and MP5K Price Drop at SHORTY USA

Editor's Note: This is originally titled as "JG MP5 PDW and MP5K Price Drop at SHORTY USA" when it was pointed out that markings of the "JG" models are actually Galaxy marks. Somebody at Shorty USA must think that all ACMs are Jing Gong models. The Galaxy MP5 PDW and MP5K models  are on sale at Shorty USA Tactical Gear. The Delaware-based airsoft retailer offers some of the lowest priced AEGs in the US online and has made a price drop in its JG stock.