Laylax Battle Style CQC Holster For Glock Series


Laylax are now taking pre-orders for their Battle Style CQC Holster for the Glock Series. Mainly compatible with the Tokyo Marui Glock Gas Blowback series (and perhaps the clones), this is mainly made of Polymer and more accessories will be released too... "Because the holding power can be adjusted according to the gun, you can achieve a perfect fit. The paddle has a round shape that fits around your waist and can be attached to a belt or pants.

Elite Force Magazine Rebuild Kit For GLOCK 17 Gen4 GBB


A tutorial video how to use the Magazine Rebuild Kit for the Glock 18 Gen 4 GBB Pistol from Elite Force... "This DIY video is a How-To instruction for the Magazine Rebuild Kit made for the GLOCK 17 Gen 4 airsoft magazine which is Elite Force / Umarex USA item number #2276302.

Watch this video to see how to disassemble and reassemble the magazine for the GLOCK 17 Gen4 Airsoft Pistol."

Disassembling A Glock Gas Blowback Pistol


For owners of Glock GBB Pistols, Boss Huang Vlogs posted a video showing a more detailed takedown of the pistol. Highly recommended that you bookmark the page for reference... "This video shows how to strip, disassemble, and reassemble a Glock 17 airsoft pistol, similar principals work for other models and generations."

The Firearm Blog On The CAA MCK Glock Chassis


James of The Firearm Blog gives his take on the CAA MCK Glock Chassis, part of the line of carbine conversion kits from CAA with airsoft versions being produced by King Arms... "Today on TFBTV, James Reeves gives an honest review of the CAA MCK Glock chassis (also made for other platforms). This device allows you to slip your handgun into a chassis that gives it SMG-like properties, and it’s an expensive gadget cooked up by real Israeli operators.

ASR Holster For Airsoft Glocks


Red Army Airsoft shows the ASR Holster from Airsoft-Rus that can mount most airsoft Glocks in the market... "In this video we will look and test the plastic holster by ASR for airsoft pistols Glock. Almost all popular airsoft pistols Glock can fit in the sich as the Glock 17, Glock 22 and Glock 19 by Tokyo Marui, Glock 17 and Glock 18 by WE and even Glock 18c by CYMA." GHK G17 MOA Exhibition 2019


Another look at the upcoming GHK Glock 17 Gas Blowback Pistol being developed in cooperation with Umarex during the MOA Exhibition 2019 as posted by "The manufacturer GHK Airsoft from Taiwan had a booth at the airsoft exhibition MOA 2019 in Taiwan.

They will release a Glock 17 Gen3 (GBB) officially licensed by Umarex in 2020."

Elite Force Glock Series At


The fully licensed Elite Force Glock pistols are available at and the latest to be added when it gets released is the Glock 34 Gen4 GBB Pistol which is now on pre-order... "UMAREX GmbH & Co. KG (UMAREX) headquartered in Germany receives the first worldwide license from the well-known Austrian weapons manufacturer, GLOCK, for the reproduction of its internationally recognized pistols. UMAREX is thus writing a new chapter in its success story as the world market leader in licensed replica handguns.

TFB: The Top 5 Glock 19 Alternatives


Find out what are the competitors to the Glock 19 pistol in this video from The Firearm Blog and guess which ones have airsoft versions... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves discusses the best alternative and competitors to the Glock 19, as well as their shortcomings and what they do better than the Glock 19, if anything. These will all be 9mm compact polymer framed handguns from reputable manufacturers. Any guesses?"

Read more here.

Armorer Works Glock Airsoft Carbine Kit


Wotzat Fa does a very video of the Armorer Works Kit for airsoft Glock. This comes with a both front and rear sights, has a folding stock, a 20mm rail system and made for Tokyo Marui, Armorer Works, WE Aisoft, and Army Armament G17 GBB pistols.. "Mine are Tokyo Marui Glock 22 Glock 34, and Glock 17. They all fit. So easy to install, only one screw to remove and the part is in within the kit itself. I like it, I like it a lot."

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