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Gunfire Poland

Gunfire CYMA CM-057 Sale & 2 Unique MGs

Interesting bargain offer and two exciting AEGs in stock at Gunfire Poland... "Bargains from Gunfire - CYMA CM-057 sale and 2 unique MGs Ares LMG and A&K MK 46. The Famous replica of all, the CYMA CM-057 is affordable like never before! Check the latest offer at Once there, do not forget to take a look at two new almighty MGs!

Gunfire Poland Holiday Discount Meltdown

Interesting promo by Gunfire Poland as they start with a 15% Discount that which will meltdown to 1% discount in fifteen days which means you have to decide early to make your purchase and get a bigger discount. The meltdown starts today... "Do you think the huge wave of Christmas sales opportunities have passed? Think again! The Santas of Gunfire work tirelessly to celebrate this joyful season!

Abundance of New Guns at Gunfire

A good list of different airsoft guns that are in stock at Gunfire Poland for you to go over and consider for purchasing... "A new avalanche of guns form Gunfire! Different guns, for different users, for different combat situations. A brand new replicas by WE, silenced SMGs by Well, Magpul MOE M4A1… and a great comeback of RealSword SVD!

GBB pistols, SMGs and rifles

Join The Gunfire Santa Hunters Game

That's right! This promo by Gunfire Poland has started and you might win a prize that they have in store for you. Goodluck hunting for Santa(s)... "This Friday (December the 2nd) start hunting for one of our three Santa Clauses: the black, the red and the green one. For the fastest hunter – everyday – 10kg of Gunfire Rockets Professional BBs!

Gunfire's Having A Black Weekend Sale Too!

Who says only Americans can have their own Black Friday Sale too? Gunfire Poland gets into the Thanksgiving spirit too and offers a whole Black Weekend Sale... "Choose your favourite products and rush for shopping! This Friday a Black Weekend starts in Gunfire. Totally all goods 20% cheaper! Hurry up! The promotion starts on Friday at 0:01 Central European Time! Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the gear of your dreams for 80% of its value!

New GFC G36 Airsoft Guns Available

Gunfire Poland's new marketing guy, Piotr Łopaciński, sends in the latest products available under the GFC brand. And it's not one, but 3 types of the G36 airsoft replica, giving you more choices and configurations that can suit your taste. Piotr explains more below... "New GFC Guns from G36 series have arrived. In latest delivery we have 3 offers for fans of this famous HK family.

Weekend News from Gunfire Poland

New products in store for you by Gunfire Poland as they announce several products for this weekend. The first is their GFC SVD Custom Sniper Rifle, followed by the new WE AKS-74UN, they now have the Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant Gas Version for those who prefer it to be gas-powered, and a kill rag for those who can use this when they're hit and avoid getting shot at on their way to the regen area.

"GFC SVD custom

New Gunfire Rockets Review Posted

A new review about the Gunfire Poland Airsoft BBs now posted with a video included for those who prefer reviews that way... "Perhaps you already know, that when it comes to premium BBs there is a new player in town. Gunfire Rockets, which hit the the shelves in summer for the first time, have already gained acclaim of independent reviewers from Italy:

Cyma SVD Dragunov AEG Now At Gunfire

More SVD AEGs in the market with CYMA being the latest player to provide this as it's now in at Gunfire Poland... "This is official news release of The long awaited SVD Dragunov AEG by CYMA now available in Gunfire with unbelievable price. Now every fan of sniper rifles can get the Dragunov AEG made of wood and metal for just for just 268 EUR!

GFC Tornado Motor Series World Premiere

Check these new AEG motors released under the GFC brand of Gunfire Poland... "The GFC has just launched a new series of motors, designed for demanding players who expect more. In accordance with GFC's philosophy, these premium products have to meet very tough quality standards while still being affordable. 'Tornado' series motors are now available at