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eHobby Asia: New APS Dragonfly CO2/GBB

Now available at eHobby Asia is the new APS Dragonfly D-Mod CO2 and Top Gas Blowback Pistol. It can be powered with Top Gas as well as CO2 giving you a choice of power source though the Top Gas Magazine is to be purchased separately. You can get this right now for US$130.00... "There are many valuable features in this D-MOD Deluxe Version:

New WE GP1799 & Hi Speed G17 GBB Pistols

Two new gas blowback pistols and AK74UN gas magazine are announced by WE Airsoft for this week... "WE would like to update you that the new GP1799 Series is launched, offering powerful blowback and balanced stability inherited from the acclaimed WE G-Series. Most of the parts are in common with the G-Series.

WGC Shop: APS Dragonfly D-Mod CO2

Now in stock at WGC Shop is the APS Dragonfly D-Mod CO2 BlowBack Pistol... "Wanna have different handgun for airsoft? Here's the best alternative choice! With the CO2 mag and outstanding design, which makes this airsoft pistol not a tacticool stuff in the holster, but your durable and reliable back-up.

Mach Sakai: Marui M92F Air Cocking

Mach Sakai finds another air cocking airsoft pistol to review in the form of the Tokyo Marui HG M92F Military Spring Cocking Airsoft Pistol. A much affordable airsoft pistol, it has full markings and comes with a 22-round capacity magazine. Not fast to shoot unless you practice hard to do quick cocking, he finds it still fun to shoot with.

Read the full review here and below is the video version:

Hyperdouraku: Marui U.S. M9 GBB Review

The latest gas blowback pistol from Tokyo Marui, the U.S. M9 Gas Blowback Pistol, gets reviewed by Hyperdouraku. Just released last month, this pistol comes with full markings. There are some differences between this and the Tokyo Marui M9A1 GBB Pistol but is no different in terms of power and recoil.

Read the full review here.

EAC Cobra IMM SV Infinity In Steel Silver

A new custom gun from eHobby Asia Custom, called the EAC Cobra IMM SV Infinity in Steel Silver. It is based on the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB Pistol with CNC-machined are parts that are made of stainless steel. The weight is almost the same as the real one. This is limited edition full gun come with free wood presentation box.

Marui Glock 17 Gen 3 GBB At Mach1 Airsoft

Mach1 Airsoft posted news that they have the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gen 3 Gas Blowback Pistol ins stock. This pistol has the Gen3 Rail Style, Lanyards Link, Matte Black Finish, and Cocking Indicator. It gives a powerful blowback with a night sight included. If you order one from them, you either get a free bottle of Elite Force BBs.

USAirsoft: ASG CZ P-09 CO2 Review

A review of the ASG CZ P-09 C02 Blowback Pistol by USAirsoft... "The ASG CZ P-09 was one of those airsoft pistols I honestly didn't think that I would like however whenever I first grabbed it from the box and got it in my hands, I quickly changed minds. Let me try to explain what made me see things differently.

Airsoft Master: Echo1 Timberwolf Xtreme

Now in stock at their online store, Airsoft Master gives us a preview of the new Echo1 Timberwolf Xtreme XTR GBB Pistol... " A quick preview of the Echo1 Timberwolf Xtreme 'XTR' GBB Pistol. It features a threaded orange tip, metal outer barrel, and ported slide for faster cyclic rate. It also has interchangeable grip panels, extended beaver tail, and a grip angle close to a 1911 for a more natural feel when pointing it."

Marui U.S. M9 Pistol 30 October Release

Tokyo Marui announced that the U.S. M9 Gas Blowback Pistol is set for release this Friday, 30 October 2015. Reproduced faithfully the official side arm of the U.S. Military with powerful blowback action, it has 2-dot sight, de-cocking feature, good texture and weight, and an ammo capacity of 26+1. The package will also come with muzzle cap, instruction manual, sample BBs, and cleaning rod.