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Top 5 Coolest Gas Gun Pistols Episode 3

A third episode of the USAirsoft's Top 5 Coolest Gas Gun Pistols is on YouTube... "Scott and Helbent dive into a new episode of the Gas Gun Association's Top 5 Coolest Pistols that were submitted over a weeks time but this time you get to decide what countdown comes next! Also you get to see for yourself just how much these avid airsofters pay to put their one of a kind pistols together."

Alien Airsoft CO2 Pistol Series at UNC

UN Company's Weekend Hot News is all about the CO2 Pistol Series from Alien Airsoft. They have the CO2 Revolvers which you can choose amongs the 2.5, 4, and 6-inch lenghts and an assortment of CO2 pistols such as the P08, M1911, Defender, M8, M84, PX4, and PPK... "Dear All: New Arrival of Alien Airsoft Pistol Series Available NOW!

Calibear Custom G10 Operator II Grips

If you want to those custom grips used for the custom airsoft pistol projects of Calibear Airsoft, they just announced today that you can now purchase them separately... "We are happy to announce the custom G10 Operator II grips are now available for sale separately at Calibear Airsoft. Made in the USA of nearly indestructible G10.

[The Gun Corner]: Salient Arms Pistols

Matt discusses the licensed Salient Arms International airsoft pistols in this episode of The Gun Corner. It's not mentioned which is the OEM of these SAI GBB pistols, but for Glock airsoft users who want a complete airsoft gun with the SAI Slides already installed these models can be considered. No details yet when these are going to be available, but surely will be having these in stock when they get released.

RWTV: Best of the Best 226

And interesting comparison of 226 pistols conducted by RedWolf Airsoft as they take on viewer requests... "We've often been asked to do a comparison video with all available 220s, 226s, 228s and 229s but that's rather difficult so we've kept it simple by sticking to the most common of the lot, the 226! Tim takes 4 different brands and finds out which is the best of the lot!"

The Latest Models from eHobbyAsia

And indeed they are new products and some are really interesting for replica firearms collectors. What eHobby Asia have in stock right is the new and much more affordabl M1918 BAR rifle by AY, the S&T M3A1 AEG, the CAA Airsoft RONI Kit for the P226 Pistol in Digital Desert Pattern, the WE Katana Raptor in Tan, and pistols from Marushin. Illuminators from G&P and Hurrican are also now available.

New Products At The Airsoft Range

Paul and Benny of the Airsoft Range sent in news about the new products they have in stock... "Hi! We have just received some new metal gas blowback pistols! We have in limited stock the Socom Gear Gemtech Oasis (also known as the Assasin's choice!), the CRAZY HK3P full metal and FULL AUTO capable M9 know as the Resident Evil Barry Burton Special!

Just arrived as well is WE Open Bolt PDW!

RA-TECH New Hop-Up Set For KSC GBBs

RA Tech's new video show their new hop-up set that you can use with the blue rubber designed for the KWA HK45 and can also be used for the KSC line. The design is identical to the original hop-up set to make it compatible but with the new blue rubber to increase the FPS. Check the video below to find out if there is an improvement with the new set.

AONW: Showdown of SIG P226 GBB Pistols

A great review from Airsoft Outlet Northwest, pitting three SIG P226 Gas Blowback Pistols against each other. The pistols in question are the KWA M226 MTP, KJ Works P226, and the WE F226. These are three of the more well-received P226 airsoft replicas after the Tokyo Marui version and are more affordable.

KWC CO2 & Gas Pistols At The Range

The Range in London have announced that they have taken new stock of KWC CO2 and Gas-Powered gas blowback pistols. Hard to find KWC pistols in stock in the UK nowadays, and it's nice to note about this news. Those who prefer KWC can check these models such as the 1911, Makarov, PT99, and the SW40. Spare magazines can also be bought too.

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