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Airsoftpal’s Best Airsoft Pistols List

Liam Matthews of Airsoft Pal sends in his list of the Best of Airsoft Pistols. Find out if your favourite pistols are in his list... "Let’s be honest, Airsoft isn’t the simplest sport in the world. With so many things to learn, explore and try out, newbies can often become overwhelmed.

This is why Airsoftpal have started their new series of articles aimed at beginners where we review and recommend the best that the world of airsoft has to offer.

"CO2 For Green Gas For Airsoft Pistols?"

Are you green or your CO2? Which propellant would you rather use for your airsoft pistol? Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology has this topic as the main one for this episode of Airsoftology Q&A Mondays that also has other interesting topics that you can ponder upon:

Hammer Vs Striker Pistols (Video)

With the selection of the SIG Sauger P320 as the official sidearm of the U.S. Army, there is always a debate why they chose a Strike-fired pistol over the Hammer types. Here is a video from Hammer Striker for airsoft players to understand the differences and advantages of both types of pistols... "Information on the classic discussion of 'Hammer Fired' vs 'Striker Fired'.

Heckler & Koch SP5K & VP9 Tactical Pistols visit the Heckler & Kock booth to take a look a the SP5K and VP9 Pistols... "Heckler & Koch’s Jeff Swisher gave us a peek at a few pistols at SHOT Show on Wednesday. First up was the SP5 K pistol, at an MSRP of $2,600. It features a push button mag release, a rear-mounted sling assembly and Picatinny rail.

The SP5K is 'a nice callback to our HK legacy,' Swisher said.

Secutor Enters Airsoft With Rudis Range

Secutor Arms, based in Taiwan, announce in their entry into the airsoft market with their "Rudis Range" of Gas/CO2 Blowback handguns with their VI in Black, III IN Gold, and XI in Silver... "We are SECUTOR, which means “hunter”. Secutors were feared gladiators, experts in hand-to-hand combat, and their sword was the most feared weapon at short distances. Nowadays, this gun takes its place among the warriors who venture into CQB short distances."

New WE Airsoft Titanium-Coated Pistols

WE Airsoft just announced that they are giving their range of airsoft pistols the titanium treatment which they say will give it an extra protection from scrath and wear... "WE is bringing you revolutionary products using 'Titanium-Coated' processing. The Titanium surface not only provides an extra layer of scratch and wear protection, it also gives a distinctive luxurious gold color, entirely unique in style at different light sources and reflections.

eHobby Asia Airsoft Pistol Clearance Sale

Better hurry as stocks are fast running out. If you are in the market for some airsoft pistols, better head off to the eHobby Asia online store as they are having an airsoft Pistol Clearance Sale. Find out what stocks they still have available and look for the massive discounts. Just remember, everything on sale is dependent on stock availability.

Tokyo Marui Pistols at Mach1 Airsoft

Last 10 July, Mach1 Airsoft announced that they took in a delivery of products from Tokyo Marui. Mainly, these are some of the sought after gas blowback pistols so if interested, better get one for yourself before they run out of stock. Click on the links below to find out more about these gas blowback pistols:

Tokyo Marui M&P9

TM M&P9 V Custom & USP Compact GBBs

More Tokyo Marui products have arrived at and two of those are part of the new gas blowback pistols from the Japanese airsoft maker. The first one is the Tokyo Marui P9 V Custom Gas Blowback in Flat Dark Earth and the second one is the Tokyo Marui USPC Compact GBB. Check them out by clicking on the links provided below:

" has added two new items to the offer - GBB pistols replicas:

SPEED Performance Piston for GBB Pistols

SPEED Airsoft announce their new Performance Piston for GBB Pistols and interested resellers and distributors can get in touch with them right now for bulk orders... "SPEED Airsoft new GBB Pistol Piston (Part #SA1011) replaces the stock plastic piston unit, providing better sealing for FPS boost and consistency.

The SPEED GBB Pistol Piston is machined with its unique triple vented slots on the front piston face, which is equivalent to over 12 traditional drilled holes, giving it an advantage of unrestricted rapid high air flow.