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ZShot Mk18 and HK416 "Budget" PTWs

Is there something like affordable PTWs? PTWs are some of the most expensive airosft guns in the market making them out of reach for many airsoft players. But it looks like there some budget ones, so find what these are as the Gun Gamers visit the ZShot booth at the SHOT Show 2019... "Eric and Kyle go over the new licensed Mk18 and HK416 'budget' PTWs from ZShot!"

Gun Gamers: Elite Force HK416 GBBR

Garrett of Gun Gamers got another video from the SHOT SHow 2019, featuring the Elite Force HK416 Gas Blowback Rifle. This is made by KWA and uses the LM4 Gas Blowback which has a new hop-up system that is claimed to improve the range of the rifle... "Garrett talks about Elite Force's upcoming LM4 system HK416 GBBR."

Mach Sakai: TM HK416 Delta Custom Black

Mach Sakai reviews the Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom Black. This is the second colour scheme for the NGRS or new generation AEG with recoil and blowback as the original one was released in FDE. It has the same features as the FDE version with an auto-stop system, variable hop-up system, and of course the markings.

Mach Sakai: S&T HK416 Sports AEG

An affordable HK416 AEG is available in Japan. Mach Sakai features the S&T HK416 Sporst AEG which is priced at around 22,000 yen or below US$200.00. A rear-wired AEG, it has an adjustable hop-up, a 350 high capacity AEG magazine, a 9-inch RAS handguard, and a 10.5" outer barrel. For this video, Mach Sakai shows how it performs in terms of range and accuracy.

TM HK416 Delta Custom Black 15 November

Time to save up again for Christmas as Tokyo Marui announce that the HK416 Delta Custom New Generation Automatic Electric Gun Black Edition will be released on the 15th of November. This gives players a choice between the tan and black when purchasing this. This has an SMR HK-type handguard with removeable rail. It comes with thre KAC-type backup sigjt, and Surefire-type flash hider.

Capsule Airsoft Lab: TM HK416 Delta Custom

Capsule Airsoft Lab España features the Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom that features the blowback and recoil system for the new generation Marui AEGs... "This LTF player shows us his 416 Delta of the Tokyo Marui brand. It is an interesting case because he has been playing 7 years with the famous SOP MOD, and can tell us about his experience in jumping to this new generation of the same system."

Airsoft CamMan: HK416 Beast Gameplay

The Airsoft CamMan enjoyed playing with his upgraded full auto and recoil HK416D from Tokyo Marui in this gameplay video. He uses a Tokyo Marui HK416D Next Gen AEG with blowback and recoil that is modified with a Dytac 10.5” REM Rail, VLTOR Stock, M95 Spring and the Black Talon Concepts (BTC) Spectre MOSFET.

LWA: Umarex/KWA HK416 & HK417 GBBs

Land Warrior Airsoft got the Umarex HK416D and HK417 Gas Blowback Rifles made by KWA in stock... "We are now stocking the new KWA made HK416 D and HK417 gas blowback rifles from UMAREX! ​Both of these rifles are updated versions of the much loved earlier models, kitted out with slim line stocks and ambidextrous selector, bolt release and magazine releases. Shooting around 330 fps these are a great addition to any armoury, for use indoor and out! Spare magazines are also available and in stock!"

Mach Sakai: KSC HK416 AEG Prototype

Mach Sakai found another prototype airsoft gun from KSC during the Toy Gun Fes 2018 and it is an HK416 AEG. It looks like this has full licensed trademarks from Umarex/Heckler & Koch as the markings indicate that it is full licensed. Will KSC/KWA be another licensed maker of the HK416 AEG apart from VFC? Well, it looks like it.

Pain X: Marui HK416 DEVGRU Gameplay

Watch Pain X go into action in this training and gameplay video with the Tokyo Marui HK416 DEVGRU Custom. Released a few years back, this AEG features the next generation blowback and recoil features... "Getting my feet wet with an incredible rifle... the Tokyo Marui HK416D DEVGRU. Shout out to my TASK FORCE NEPTUNE family. This is how we get down every week."